February 27th, 2005

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Hello, I'm Emmaline. I have been a member of this community for a wile now, but this is my first post.
I was hoping someone had a pattern for this: Collapse ) or something similar to it. Anything would be helpful and greatly appreciated.
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Pretty in Pink

Shimotsuma monogatari

I remember a while back someone posted a link to a site that let you download it. Iv'e searched around but i can't find the post. Does anyone still have the link? If so please please please post it here =^_^=
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New member, yay!

Hi, I'm a new member. ^^ My name is Liisa and I'm from Finland. I love j-rock and other Asian music. My favourite bands are Plastic Tree and Doremidan and favourite artists are Utada Hikaru and Shiina Ringo. Hikki is probably my number one idol. ^_____^ I read manga and watch anime too, but my favourite comic is still probably Donald Duck.

I don't dress that much loli, but I'm pretty interested in it. I only have one picture now, but I'll post some more later. Collapse )

(Please excuse me, if I made some grammar or spelling mistakes.)
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Shopping Tips For Petticoats

I'm sure that everyone knows that most gothic lolita skirts are gathered, and don't really fit well over the "squaredance" style petticoats, which tend to be triangularly shaped. The correct style of petticoat for these skirts is a pannier, which has a domed shape that supports the gathers of such skirts to their fullest.

If you don't want to order one online (or can't), and you live in a fairly vibrant area, you can try going to upscale vintage shops for petticoat hunting. These are places which specialize in authentic vintage clothing, and they usually have a selection of underthings to go with their dresses and skirts. A lot of vintage items require that dome-shaped petticoat, and I've had great success finding reasonably priced petticoats in many colors.

Since I live in Chicago, I've found that Evanston has a good selection of these shops... so who's up for a lolita shopping excursion in June? We could also hit the antique stores for their adorable vintage tea sets.

swiped from anna_bolina

I'm new

My name is Lauren, and I'm a college student who's writing an obscenely long paper on Lolita, Gothic Lolita, EGL, etc. fashion in Japan and abroad. I'll be around mostly as an observer, but first I'd like to ask a few questions.
1. How old are you?
2. Where do you live?
3. What about EGL drew your interest?
4. Why do you continue to dress in EGL?
5. How did you find out about it?
6. How long have you been interested?
7. Do you consider it a fashion style, a lifestyle, a subculture, a hobby, etc?
8. Describe EGL in your own words.
9. Describe your fashion style of EGL.
10. How to you acquire your EGL wardrobe. Do you tend to make your own clothes, buy them handmade,or buy brandname?

Answer some or all, but be sure to give me your age and where you live. Tell me anything else you think is relevant about EGL. I need to examine it from the perspectives of economics, politics, history, geography, and anthropology.


Baby SSB Mailorder

Has anyone else sent a mail order to Baby the Stars Shine Bright and never recieved a response regarding the bank transfer stuff? I tried two different e-mails, to no avail...
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Okay, seriously folks

Guess what? Pirating music, movies, and any other form of media is illegal. It is also against the TOS of LiveJournal for users to distribute or even hint at distributing copyrighted media. Communities and journals which participate in such illegal distribution can be SHUT DOWN. PERMANENTLY.

Which means that because Shimotuma Monogatari,La Petite Cossette, and other gothic lolita media are copyrighted under International Law, none of you should be asking for copies of it in this community. Unless the person you are asking is a liscensed distributor selling legal copies of the media.

Also, it is very, very, very, very, very, very, very annoying to see 5+ entries each week from people asking for copies or where they can find it. If you must pirate, do it on your own time and stop asking people in the community to help you out. This is neither the purpose nor the point of this message board. I suggest you try the magical, wonderful tool that is Google. It works surprisingly well for a search engine, and it will show that you have some INTRAWEB SKILLZ.

Any entries that request movies will be deleted from now on. They clutter up the community and they put it at risk. If you want to make announcements regarding its distribution in the US, go for it. Announcements = good. Pirating = bad. Not using Google = cardinal sin.

And before any of you comment on my snippy tone, imagine trying to moderate a community in which 50% of the 15+ posts a day need to be moderated in some way, or were already posted and answered by previous users.

dinky little newbie

hi! i finally did it!
i've been wanting to join this community for quite a while but never did beause every time i was about to, someone joined and i thought it would be odd to have a couple "yo newbie here!" in a row >.<

i love g&l though i mix like a rocker look with loli and i have a slight addiction to short skirts-so punk loli?ish..but i would love to dash on a little more lace and elegance

i've done a bunch of cute little loli things and a dress (yes..only one)
i wish i had pictures of them

until last year i didn't know egl existed, but i find it weird that i was dressing egl-ish before i knew it, because i had some weird addiction with looking like a doll (inpired by cinema strange) but once i got hand of malice mizer...well it's just grown
and i think it's real cool how many different types there are to suit different people
(am i corny or what? but it's true)

i'm sorry for such a long entry, i tend to ramble_alot
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Sorry if this is old news, but I couldn't find anything on this in the community, so...

I randomly came across an website of a lolita-ish cosplay costume creater circle, and to my surprise, they ship overseas (though not so eager to do it...). I don't really see much reason in buying from them since they are a SMALL SCALE (meaning, few & limited items available for purchase) individual circle focusing more on the cosplay costumes, and it's probably much easier, faster, and cheaper to commission something from a seamstress in your local area considering shipping fee and communication difficulties (their whole website is in jpns), but I guess I would just throw this out here since I find it quite rare for a Jpns seamstress/brand/circle to ship overseas.

With all that said, take a look if you are interested** COTTON HOUSE
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First Attempt at EGL Skirt

Hi, I'm pretty new to this community...I found it while searching for resources to make an EGL Alice in Wonderland dress for a convention I am going to this summer. In the meantime I found a black calf-length broom skirt at Charlotte Russe in my local mall and I decided to practice a bit with trim and alterations. Please let me know what you think even though I am scared since so many of the things I've seen on this site are so beautiful! I know it need a petticoat...and someone to model it...but I couldn't take pics and wear it at the same time!

EGL Converted Broom Skirt
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hello ladies and gents!

i have been a busy bee, and have a few pieces that may interest you - namely, an ENORMOUS petticoat/panner, a quick make skirt, and a very lovely but simple corset. i'm also working on an angelic pretty copy at the moment that i hope to be able to share soon :)

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and dont' forget, my competition ends tomorrow. all vouchers will be posted on tuesday!
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Opinions on some designs? ^_^

Being bored, sick, and on vacation, I decided to read some manga. I came accross Alichino while surfing around and found that they had lots of lovely GL outfits throughout the manga. So, I sketched some pics of outfits I hope to begin this week that are closely based on some outfits from the series. Any constructive crits on the designs would be appreciated. ^^

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Edit: Linked one of ze pics wrong eep x_X