February 16th, 2005

Ben-kun//and the sexy Hitsugi


I know this sounds stupid but I was wondering if someone could give me more information on wa-loli?

I have seen pictures of it that look just wonderfula nd I know that Bodyline sells two wa-loli outfits, is there any other place to buy them?

Or would it be best to go through a independent person hwo commisions? I really would love to add a piece like this to my clothing but have no clue about it. Thank you everyone who can help me!
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(no subject)

Hey whats up. This might have been posted already, but are there any cheaper alternetives to Rinkya? I just found out that you have to pay them a fee of 1/5 of the amount of money you want to bid up to (ex: you must pay $20 to bid up to $100, $100 if you want to bid up to $500, etc), and I think that's a bit steep.
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Update On The FAQ and A Request

Alrighty, the FAQ is about 80% done, and it just needs the addition of a bit more into, conversion to HTML, and approval by all the mods. Hurrah. Yippee.

In the meantime, for the love of Mana, PLEASE CHECK THE MEMORIES BEFORE YOU ASK QUESTIONS.

I ain't kidding, folks. If your question is basic, there is a 99.9% chance it has been asked in the community before, and it is archived somewhere in the memories. I am seeing way too many questions which have already been answered 150+ times, and it is wearing my patience thin. It is also irritating to the community members. A lot of people end up taking egl off of their friends lists because it is too tedious to wade through 20 posts a day asking which Japanese shops ship overseas. This is ridiculous because that question has been covered in the Gigantic Tutorial On How To Buy Clothes that I wrote months ago. When people don't bother checking the memories to see if such a thing has been written, it makes me wonder why I bothered to write it in the first place.

The memories for the community are here. We will be editing and expanding them a bit to include some more items, but they have a lot to offer right now. And until the FAQ is done, they are the best resource outside of Google.

Speaking of Google: USE IT.

Alright. I am done ranting.

more wa loli help!

i know this is going to sound ridiculous, but...

what search terms do you guys use when searching rinkya/japanese auction sites? [specifically when looking for wa loli style clothing]

i am not finding ANYTHING and its angering me.

sorry. i know its a dumb question.

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Hi I'm new.......

Hi everyone! I'm new...I have been a fan of EGL stufff for a couple years now....I don't have much (ok so I only have one Metamorphose dress, but I'm trying to change that....) but anyways...I was looking at the BSSB site...and the page that is supposed to tell english speakers how to order is completely blank 0_0 um....does anyone know why?
and...I have one picture of me in EGL...go here to see it ^^ It is from Metamrophose's "Biscuit" print series ^^ enjoy! ( my hair is wayyyyy longer now....this picture is from last year....and I don't have a petticoat in the pic...)If the link doesn't work tell me and I will fix it ^^


love from
"Biscuit" <3
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(no subject)

Is there anyone else on here who lives in NYC?

I moved here a few months back, so I'm trying to meet new people here who are local to me.

I am also curious if anyone lives in NYC.... if they know of any stores in the area that sell EGL clothes?

Thank you.

Ja nae.
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nobara takemoto

i am very intrested in reading some of nobara takemoto's novels. especially of course... shimotsuma monogatari. but i am also intrested in reading mishin. does anyone know if these two books are/were ever published in english or if there are english translations floating arround out there?
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Online Fabric Stores

Surprisingly, despite the fact i live in a big city, there are barely ANY fabric stores at all, and the ones we do have only sell a few bits and pieces, most of them rather expensive. Can anyone give me a list of UK sites where i could buy good fabric from? Im searching on google but not finding much. Help? >_
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I have a request...

Hi! I'm fairly new here (I just found out there was an EGL community that's actually fairly large ^^;;), so I perused the memories to no avail.

I was wondering if anyone has any make up tips or tutorials. I know it really depends on your outfit. I generally tend to steer clear of make up other than a little black eye liner; although, I really like the doll-esque look (the Christina Ricci post earlier was really nice, but I was wondering if there were others). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

~~ chibi
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fitted shirts

I checked the memories, and although there was a (very useful) tutorial about shirt reconstruction, it didn't fully answer my question... I know this isn't really the right place, but there are lots of talented seamstresses here... so here goes!

I would like to reconstruct a big, baggy, unfitted blouse into a fitted one, possibly something resembling a certain Putumayo bat-collared blouse. How do you make a shirt/blouse fitted? I know how to alter a t-shirt, but I'm guessing a shirt is more complicated?

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