February 7th, 2005


crown.. 'trinkets'?

I'm not sure what exactly you'll call these, but I suppose 'trinkets' should be a fine term to use~ (^^")

Eto... I've just finished making a couple these few days coz I was bored at home and didn't really wanted to do hmwk or study >>;; So, I thought I'd just share some pictures today~^^

So, yes, pictures.

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G&L in the Lexington Herald-Leader

Good evening, lolitas!

Today, I opened the newspaper and was quite surprised to find this on the front of the Arts+Life section. Not what one expects to find when sitting down with the paper and settling one's petticoat. The ink and paper version also featured another photo of the girls, sitting with two BJDs and a Hide plushie, and "Collapse )"

While I reserve comment on the article, I thought it might be of interest.
Mary Jane Feet

Spider and Crown Jewelry Update

Okay so its official. I'll be heading into the Fashion District this Tuesday.

I've gotten comments and emails from people considering it. Since I only manage to get into the Fashion District on weekdays once or twice a month this is a last call. Email me at cotton_candy_rain@hotmail.com with your request and shipping information.

Also I think I replied to everybody that was interested. If for some reason you did not get an email asking for confirmation and shipping address please send me one back with the info. I get a lot of email so its easy to miss one every so often.

I'm going to try to start weekly trips as hard as it is. So if I miss you this week I'll make a point of finding a way in next week. So no worries if you don't get me by Tuesday morning/afternoon.

The original post with the images and pricing.

Thank you very much!
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(no subject)

Hello, lolis ^.^

I have a project due soon in my marketing class in which we have to invent a product and come up with ways to sell it and such. I've been thinking that I want to do something EGL, but I've got no ideas, and I was hoping some of you could help me. It just needs to be something that can have a prototype built of it in a few days (I'm a procrastinator).

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(no subject)

Everyone should go to www.batgearbeyond.com

They have everything you could want relating to lolita/punk/cyber/goth fashion. So, if you're looking for something, they probably have the link to the site that has it.

Showgirl GL?

I'm frustrated. The Valentine's dance is coming up and I was planning on wearing a red-themed loosely EGL-inspired outfit. But the freshman class had to make the theme "Las vegas." Do any of you have any ideas with how I could GL that kind of theme? I know that feathers and sequins are not very loli, but I kinda want to participate in the theme.If I can't think of anything I'll probably just wear what I was planning on wearing before and screw the theme!

I was planning on making a standard skirt in red with awesome little hearts on it(I already have the fabric) and wearing it with some platforms and a black top. (Maybe throw in some fishnet because I prescribe to the more goth/punk aspect of loli.) I'm also considering making some red and black falls for the outfit but I really don't want to commit if there's something easier I could do that is within the theme. Should I go with a playing-card outfit that meshes Alice and Vegas? What do you guys think? Any ideas are welcomed thankfully!

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(no subject)

ok, im aeriously dying to read something. Or at the least watch a decent movie. However, I cant think of anything good, SO! Does anyone know of any lolita related books (not manga) or movies? Or does anyone know of anything similar to American Mcgees alice game, aka, what i have dubbed, fairy tales gone psycho XD I recently watched The Secret Garden. Its wonderful! I loved many of the little girls oufits. Also, on the line of storys, has anyone seen any fairy tale related lolita outfits? Other than alice of course.

Excuse teh spastic person..
Mana-sama - Staring at me

(no subject)

Hey everybody! I've been lurking in (and loving) this community for a couple weeks now, and thought I should make my introduction. Also, I have a fashion-question...

This Saturday I'll be attending a JRock dance at the Japanese Cultural Center in Toronto. I'm just starting to experiment with ELG fashion, and I want to wear a nice gothic outfit on Saturday. So far I have the bottom, I just need some help with the top...
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Could anyone suggest a particular style of top that would be good with this outfit? Pictures or links would be appreciated. ^^

Also, I'm curious, would there happen to be any other Toronto!Lolis on this community going to the dance?

~Thanks in advance!
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