January 28th, 2005

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I found some beautiful art on 4chan.org this evening, and it led me to a website with BEAUTIFUL art. However, the website in not in English, or Japanese, so I can't make out a darn thing. Can anyone please, PLEASE help me identify the artist?

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First timer ^_^;

Hello ^_^ I'm pretty new to this community and I have a question to ask about first time EGL cosplay.

I'm going in the gothic lolita style to Katsucon, and i'm a first timer. Do you guys have any tips for me? Especially about makeup. I'm bad at that x_X;

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Thank you so much ^^
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I'm SURE this has been asked before, but I never paid attention before and I actually need it now, so...

Where is the best place to get a good doll curls wig? Something like manic panic's baby jane wig would be perfect, but I need better quality than that.

I found plenty of curly EXTENSIONS, but I need a whole wig.


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Just a small wuick wuestion for you gals. Which looks better with a brown clored skirt and brown maryjanes as in shirt wise, cream or white? I'm making a skirt out of like a calico with very smalll flowers on it and the main color on it is like a fall leaf brown , y'know?
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Project: Harajuku

Konnichiwa! ^^

I just wanted to let you all know starting Feb. 6, 2005 I will be hosting a Lolita/Jrock get together called Project: Harajuku at Burrough's park in Houston, TX. Its basically an all day event but I'd say show up aruond 12:00-12:30 or so...
for more info go to:

the word of it has been spreading rapidly as of lately and we'll even be hosting a panel at Kamikazecon about it. ^_^ If you live around the area we'd love to see you there! We'll probably have a small celebration or something for the frist meet up.

If you have any questions/comments/suggestions/what not, feel free to talk ask me/talk to me. <3
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looooooooooonnnng time lurker, lol...
Hello, my name is Heather,I'm 15 from Connecticut ><;; hardly any loli's, if at all, around here... tell me if u are!!?? lol I really want to have a CT meetup -^_^-
I haven't any lolita attire, but I've designed a lot of them as I'm (boasting a bit lol) an artist -^_^- you'll see as soon as I decide to get a photobucket account XD
I've been interested in the overall, including lolita, Japanese fashion scene for about three years now.. I'm particularly fond of Gothic Lolita, but I do like sweet lolita, although it doesn't suit me ^-^;; I tend to look gothic hehe... I have a sewing machine but well we had an argument and she's retired for a while I think ^-^;; she keeps jamming up and it's driving me nuts, she's a 400$ singer and she's new and lasted.. a month ^-^;; teehee so obviously I uhm can't sew well lol...
I LOVE the gothic lolita from cosmates, bodyline is he best ^-^ whenever I can get a job I'll be ALL OVER those things hehe since well I'm not rich XP and I've tried so many times to make lolita things but failed miserably -_-;; oh well... I am in *love* with H. Naoto blood, punk is definitely my style as well ^-^;; (I've always been quite a tomboy so my mom freaked when she caught me looking at lacy things -_-;;; eek) but hey I know it's not a phase -^_^- besides my gramdfather has been to Japan and I'm a small, widdle person so he said I'd fit fine in Japanese clothing XD go me! V^_^
Wellll I think I've talked you out enough *I'm hyper offuv ice cream* so uhm buh bye!!!

~*^_^*~Heather <3
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EscarGotSkin scans

I think there were a few requests for this, so here you go. Sorry but my page selection is rather random;;

For those of you who missed my earlier post, you can also find scans from FRiLL, Gosu x Loli 4, and Rococo 1 here (though the quality isn't that great....)