January 20th, 2005

Melora skirt
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So, any news on the Katsucon thing for the EGL/A's? Are we pinning on black ribbons or is someone throwing a get together or what? I was just wondering because there was mention of it before and no one really said anything after the fact. ^_^
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Crown experiments (Royal vs. Tiara?)

I just wanted to post a pic of a tiara-type crown that I made. I've really only seen royal-shaped crowns on the GL scene, and I was wondering, am I just not looking in the right places? Are there other lolis who like to wear tiara crowns? And regarding my own, what do you guys think? One of my friends said that the odd number of prongs made it look unbalanced, and I'm a little worried that it seems small compared to other crowns that I've seen people wearing. Con-crit would be greatly appreciated. ^_^;;;

Thank you for your time.

[shameless plug] You can see more of my stuff here. ^_____^ [/plug]
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RBK outfit design contest

The designs we've recieved so far are:

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Since there is two fo us who want to wear these outfits and we have slightly different tastes in clothes
we've found it extremely hard to agree on which one to go for. I love long sleeves and my sister
likes short sleeves. ..

It's been very tough.. after all .. as you can see they're all very pretty. There is one that we both agree on
but we love the rest too.

Just wondering what you all think??? just like to see which design gets the most votes here :)

(many thanks to wings_of_rain, missjade29, a_cracked_pot and opalfirepixie (sorry I don't know you LJ name!)

The contest is still open because we'd need more designs for our future gigs.. so if you like to take part send your designs to info@razorbladekisses.com

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Others thoughts on gothic lolita fashion?

Hey, I'm new here.. I just made my LiveJournal account today.. but I've been lurking around reading the community for a while, and have a love of the gothic lolita fashion^^;; Anyways, I have a few questions for the community about others' thoughts on the fashion.

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This is my first time posting to a community so I'm sorry if I set this up wrong^^;;
Hyung Tae Kim
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concept art

Hello, I'm de-lurking today. *waves sheepishly* Been skulking around for the past four years, and I decided to spice up my intro with some artwork. I have never posted in LJ before, so I might be doing something wrong but I read the entire Help section just to make sure I didn't...anyway, I did read the rules specifically for EGL as well...still, if I did anything wrong I'm sorry. I'll fix it as soon as I figure out what it is.

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so i was scanning the internet, and found this really pretty pic of a Collapse )

Well, i took her dress, changed a few things *VERY few haha* and turned it into manga, kinda likea design, and i'm hoping to modify pieces of clothing to fit this ^____^ Collapse )

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As some of you may know, I have an "art project" in the works that involves gothic lolita to confront issues of race, gender, age, etcetc. During research/contemplation of the conceptual side of things, I've been thinking about this lately: why are girls/women in the United States interested in Gothic Lolita style? What is the difference between Asian(American) women and non-Asian(American)women being interested/participating in the style (or is there a difference?)? What about Asian women who aren't Japanese?
I just thought that I could get some diverse feedback from everyone here, and I am not looking for any particular answer. I'd just like to get some opinions from people who enjoy/are framiliar with/participate in gothic lolita style. These questions are in no way an attempt to belittle any race/culture or to make anyone's particular intrest in GL invalid. Just constructive feedback, and with that in mind please no "i just like it" or "it's cute," I think it's pretty universal that people in this community at least "like" GL style. Also, if you feel comfortable doing so, if you could mention somewhere in your comment what "ethnicity" you identify with (I'm always annoyed with "check this box for your racial identity," but it's valid info for the discussion) and/or where you're from that would be great, if not your comments are still appreciated.
Since I'm asking for "ethnicity" and personal info, I think it's fair that I go first, so I'm hapa - half Japanese and half Mexican, I grew up in Pasadena, CA and right now I live in Santa Barbara, CA for school.
Fire away!

*******please also see my "devil's advocate" comment********

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Hi everyone, I'm sure you are all starting to get annoyed with me posting this, but Tea Couture is going to be realesed this Sunday! If you have anything you would like to submit for this issue i need it by the 22. If you have no clue in HECK what I am talkign about, go here. http://www.sinistersuicide.net/tea_couture
I am in need of DIY articles, any written articles, or storys on lolita. I have my featured artist for this issue, but you may send me artwork to apply for the next! I also would like pictures. Send everything to Tea_couture@hotmail.com Thank you very much!

Heres a sneak peek at what is in the next issue:
How to hold an alice tea party (i wrote this in celebration of Down the Rabbit hole day)
Where to Find Plus size lolita article
Lolita tattoos article
Strawberry Heart Pillow Pastries
Printable lolita Valentines

there is plenty more than that, this is just a peek ;)
(x posted to Tea_couture)
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I realize that the following could be an incredibly dumb question with a very obvious answer, but I wanted to ask it anyway to see if anyone knew something about it. Ok, here we go. Does anyone know what the deal is with poodles and lolita clothing as of late? Is it just because they're cute, or are they moving towards a more retro look, or what? Here are some examples if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

AP Coat
AP Bag
Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Bag
And Another BtSSB Bag
Metamorphose Dress
Metamorphose Socks
Heart E Jacket
Heart E Hat

There are much more than that, but I didn't want to flood the community with poodles moreso than I already have.

It's almost as if poodles taken over some of the lolita companies. I know there's imagerey involved with lolita, like crowns and scenes from storybooks, etc., but I never thought something like a poodle would join in on it. Anyone have any ideas?

metamorphose temps de fille

Hi everyone
I was looking to buy this jacket http://www.metamorphose.gr.jp/onlineshop_eng/outerwear/104408070079.php?ssid=132e2118105020113559 but it sounds as though the sizing is a little large :-/ I'm not much good with measurments, and am not sure whether to buy it as the sizing seems too big for me... seems odd especially for japanese clothing? Or is that a naive suggestion. The bust is about 6-7inches too big for me for instance... but I am confused because I have never brought anything online. Sorry this may all seem obvious, but I was almost certain about buying this jacket until i saw the sizing :-/ The waist and sleeve width also seem to be a problem, but are these things a tailor could fix? I'd hate to spend a lot of money on shipping and the product to find that it didnt fit and couldn't be altered.

sorry and thanks.