January 19th, 2005

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dress design

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I just wanted to post a dress design I drew, I'm not so sure it would practically work (maybe constructed like a halter top?) but after I drew the front I had been hoping to have a more edgy design and tried to accomplish that with the back view. As it is design to be made (the RBK thing, I hope that's still going on) some utilitarian pointers from you sewing lolitas would be greatly appreciated.
Robin-made by Max Lawson

A little help?

Hi lolis,
Im just now drawing up the designs for my next dress/cosplay for this years megacon, and a valentines day photoshoot im going to,but iv run into a bit of a problem...
I have found a cut that i absolutely love, but iv never made a dress like it before, so im not shure how to go about doing it.If you girls could help me in any way, on how to do this cut, what patterns are arond that are like it..or anything, please do! Heres some picutres of the materials im useing the design, and the dress i got it from.
PS...Its a EGL Moogle cosplay! My boyfreind will be a EGA moogle, i may be asking for help on that one latter.. XD
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EGL tea party question

I'm going to an EGL tea party on the 29 and I'm *super nervous*.I don't have too much lolita-esque items (I have some skirts like the one I'm posting off ebay and such),and I don't have the funds to go out and buy/make anything either-my college fees has been sucking up all my money for the past month (its insane how much it costs for books!).I was wracking my brains for something and I thought of this outfit.If all else fails with the shirt I put on here,I do have a plain black shirt with huge bell sleeves,and a black and white poofy tim burton-esque skirt I can use.
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Thanks for any feedback.


Does anyone have links to online stores or ebay stores that sell EGLish or fairy-ish bead crowns? I know I had a few links, but, unfortunately, lost them. :( Thank you!
Flaming Sikozu

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I just have a quick question for those who've been/lived/know people from Japan. From what I understood the lolitas who hang around Harajuku and Yoyogi Park usually only do it on Sundays or for events like concerts and such, right?
The rest of the time they just dress the same as everybody else.
Is that still the custom or has changed any?
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My Project.. ^^

Some weeks ago I got hit by a lolita wave. I just printed out some pics from BABY, Metamorphose and angelic pretty.. probably somewhere else from too... And the I let them give me inspiration. And I drew a dress. And I'm going to make it! I'm going to!!!! I allready did the.... patterns (?) today...

I've got my scetches here...
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Please tell me what you think and....
I guess I'll have to post some pics when I'm ready ^^
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I think it is safe to say that EGL is a street fashion in japan, hai?
But from what i've found, FRUiTS means not only all the street fashions in Japan, but fashions that are original and unique.

Therefore, I personally would say it's safe to call EGL a type of FRUiTS fashion.

Here is my main source for this conclusion.

^Note the last sentence of the second paragraph.

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