January 6th, 2005

Pretty in Pink

Loli concept art

Apart from baby the stars shine bright and metamorphose, does anyone know of any other clothing sites that show the actuall concept art the designers draw of the outfits on little models? I really want to see how they draw them...
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To Mods and Admins ONLY

Hey Fellow Mods and Admins:

I started a new community egl_mod so that we can coordinate management of this lovely but large community.

I've already sent LJ invitations, but here is a public post in case you didn't get it.

The only people who will care about this are: electroncat,jolie_laide, christinablue, seeinglife, ubercookie, xelyna, and myself. It's a closed community, and will remain that way until otherwise stated.

So please join!

By the way, this really is ONLY for mods and admins of this community. Don't bother asking to join if you aren't one, because you will not be approved!


Hi guys, me again. I was just wondering if there was anywhere that I could buy patterns, or a pattern book, that will have gothic lolita patterns, or any Harajuku styled patterns? Thanks so much!!!

Monarch Crown Purses!

I finally got a Monarch Crown purse from The Icing today. It's a small black messenger bag with a silver monarch crown imposed on one corner of the flap and has a small diamond on the top of the crown. Also, I saw a number of them at Wal-Mart (Which is actually not surprising since they also have corset bags) which had it in a coat of arms. They were the small, cylander-shaped baguette-type bags with chain straps. Just wanted to pass on some finds. :)
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sry if this question has already been posted, but i was wondering if someone could tell me some inexpensive online stores maybe? im kind of new and still a little confused about where to get the style i truely love. thank you in advance!! ^^ <3
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heee, i was wondering if anybody knew where i can get a nice nice pair of flat, but curvy, pair of mary janes that are black or white ^______________^ i'd prefer if the places were not online ^^; sankhyuu!