January 5th, 2005

  • bagt

Body Line

Body line has new blouses and coats. I don't like the coats but the blouses are amazing, very putumayo-ish (like this, or this), and pretty loli blouses like this or this , the best part is, they aren't expensive! most of the blouses are like 5,000 yens AND it seems like they aren't using very-cheap lace ^o^.

Also, they added new accesories such like shoes and headdress pretty similar to the BTSSB.

I will defenitly buy a headdress and a pair of blouses.
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keiko takamura

Gothic & Lolita Bible Scans Needed!!

Hey everyone -

Please send me the biggest, clearest scans of articles from the bibles you want translated and sent them to poisoned_ringo@hotmail.com.

Like always, I will make a big post about it and share my translation after I'm done.

It's for my Japanese class. Thanks =)
  • megsan

Arrival height?//Bodyline question

Ahh gomen ne for asking so many annoying questions on the board lately....but when you get seriously into EGL there's alot of questions TO ask! So here goes:

Arrival height on blouses/cutsews...let's use an example from the Bodyline blouse that I'm looking at where the arrival height is 46cm. This means the measurement of the actual garment right, not your own upper body?
And also, where is it measured from? Is it the neckline or the shoulders? I was just measuring some of my tops to see for size before I realized that I didn't know where to measure from o.O

One more little thing-bodyline has alot of stuff on "customer design commodity" which are cheaper prices. Now I thought this was just a fancy name for a good old sale but now I'm not sure......
And does Bodyline ship internationally?