January 4th, 2005

Vegas Lolis (again)

I came to visit Vegas over the winter break, I really wanted to pull a get together with the few of us that there are but I just didn't have the time (nor any of my dressies with me) I was decided the day befor my return back to california to just pack up my stuff and move back to Vegas, so thats what my mother and I did. MOVING ON! I would still like to arrange some sort of meeting and now that I have time I can do it formaly with flyers and such, for you young and careful :3 Other than Chinatown is there any other places that come to mind? I can't really think of anything other than like...the Medows mall er sumthin, I'm really just lookin to make some new loli friends that can eventually hang out and sew with or arrange small tea parties with and such. If ya'll would like to know more about me please feel free to IM me and or check out my deviant site. http://www.ooparisuoo.deviantart.com yes, thats all for now :D
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Heya Kitties,

EDIT: Also does anyone have any idea where to get cute GothLoli-able items/Wigs/Shoes/Accessories/Dresses that would fit an 18" doll & also Pullip Doll Accessories, Dresses etc...?

Did anyone else try to order a Lucky Bag from Meta? I managed to put my items in the cart but can't seem to "Send my Order", has anyone else had problems with it?

EDIT: My friend got a confirmation E-Mail but with only the shipping marked in but no info on the Lucky Bag *Confused*...

*Hugs & Sparkles*
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As I know many of you lolis have a thing for Alice in Wonderland, and many loli brands seem to have a thing for Alice motifs... so when I saw this...

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Perhaps we could put together Alice-Loli outfits in honor of the day, too... "I fell down this hole in the floor, and found myself wearing this blue dress and white apron and then three birds flew out of a painting..."
Or maybe I'm just daft.
yetti love

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Does anyone here know where to find the pattern for this scarf:

Someone said it was in a recent Gothic & Lolita bible. Does anyone have a copy of this one or know which issue it is? Or best of all, have a scan? I would love you forever <333
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Seam Allowences

A have a question for loli's who sew and have used the Gosu Rori books. How do you add your seam allowences in? Do you measure from every angle of the pattern piece and then draw it around the pattern? Or do you measure it from inside the pattern line and draw it out? Or do you just cut some extra fabric around your pattern? I'm just really confused about this because it seems like everytime I've sewn something from the books it turns out like crap.
Also, when you use (american) patterns and the seam allowence has already been added do you have to draw it in?
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Oh-My, Its Gorgeous *gapes*

annie_chan posted a link to a outfit for super dolfies alittle while back, which most drooled over.

There is a new outfit, and its just as gorgeous!


Its in Japanese, and I have no clue to what it says, but I wish both the doll and the outfit were mine ^_^

*squee's like a stupid fangirl*

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Do any of the Japanese EGL brands have catalogues that can be sent to international countries?
I just thought that it would be fun to get a little bit of EGL in the mail every little while. Although I doubt that they will-it doesn't hurt to ask!
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Pink blinking kitty

Fukubukuros followup

Unfortunately I had some problems the morning of the fukubukuro sales, and wasn't able to get there to stand in line for Maruione to open like I was planning on. By the time I got there a couple hours after it opened, everything was gone. They apparently all sold out within the first hour!

So, I currently have money from:


If you would like me to look for something for you, for example chuppie asked me to buy her a black x white elastic waisted skirt from Putumayo. It worked out great because the skirt was the same price as the bag was. If you have a SIMPLE request for an item that is of equal or lesser value than the amount you sent, I will be able to buy the item. If not, I will send you the money back.

Please do not comment on this entry if you are not one of the above-mentioned people!!