January 3rd, 2005

custom printing questions

Since I know many people on this list have their own indie brands, I thought I'd ask here.

Has anyone gotten ribbon custom printed (for example, with slogan/brand name)? If so, where? I'm interested in getting some printed ribbon, but many websites I go to don't look trustworthy. I'm also looking for woven "name labels" for sewing/ironing into clothing. Any information on how to go about getting either of these things would be greatly appreciated.
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(no subject)

I really wanted to buy this ring from btssb, but I'm not sure what size to get. my finger is just a tiny bit larger than 5cm in circumference. I usually get a size 6 (sometimes 7) at stores here in the US.
help please? =)
[edited to say thanks for the help. I'm going to get a size 13, and to change 6cm to 5cm. I measured my finger wrong =P]

oh, also- how long does the whole shipping process take? from when you first email your order to actually getting it. just curious..would I get it by january 23rd?

About cosmates

I'm thinking about buying some from Cosmates. I've never bought anything EGL from an actual Japanese store b/c they never have my size...but they fudged up a bit and I went down a bit and I'm considering buying this two piece.

I was wondering is the qulaity good and about how much do they add on for shipping and how much time it take to get to the states? (specifically the southeast (ga))

thanks in advance,
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More Lucky Sacks

Since the Meta luck sack has seemed popular I just want to let people know there appears to be a putumayo one still available. The accessory one has sold out but acording to their website there is still clothing sacks available. However it says the shipping is available on the 1st and dispatched on the 4th so I am not entirely sure this is still available. Still, I would try anyway if you want one. Although they are not very lucky.... you can find out what's in them on the website (you are only lucky with colour).

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