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Dolphinlina's 2016 wardrobe post

It's been two years since I've done a wardrobe post, previously 2014 and 2013, due to moving abroad for a year so I took a handful of clothes with me which lead to buying loads more since I missed my wardrobe. This year's wardrobe is only about half of my full collection for uni since the car couldn't carry all my clothes.
Links to some of the items show recent coords with the item.
Left to right: Jacket, blouses, ops, jsks, skirts
Still arranged as before, in each section darkest to lightest colours then by brand name alphabetically


These are hung on my door with a cape and parasol because they are heavy, bulky items. It's also easier to remember to take one.
Infanta Rose Embroidery Medal Coat, Offbrand bunny jacket

Haori, H&M blazer jacket

Atelier Pierrot, Offbrand, Offbrand
Elpress L detachable sleeves, Bodyline, Offbrand Peignoir
I almost forgot I had these since they are usually used in the summer so they're stored elsewhere.

Long sleeved blouses

Top: All pumpkin cat in black, navy and white
Bottom: Chess Story, Anna House, Metamorphose, Taobao

Details of Taobao totoro collar

Short sleeved blouses

Top: Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty, Teeturtle
Teeturtle, Teeturtle, Angelic Pretty
Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty, Anna House, Bodyline
Fun fact: two of the teeturtle shirts are glow in the dark


Not much of an OP fan since there is less creativity
Dear Celine Angel's Song, Infanta Tea Party Deluxe


Almost everyone in our comm has the Nightmare Rising JSK that it's almost become an unofficial uniform
Rouge Aerie Nightmare Rising, Magic Tea Party Zodiac

My favourite fantasy horses collection, all bought in the last year
Innocent World Fantasy Night Sky, Angelic Pretty Crystal Dream Carnival (Dream Dress), Haenuli Planetary Dreamer

For the pink princess in me
Angelic Pretty Tea Time A La Carte, BTSSB Mary's Sweet Sheep, BTSSB Elenoir, BTSSB Poodle Frill

BTSSB Labyrinth in the Reminiscent Mirror Charlotte, AATP Pirate Alice, Chess Story It's High Tea Time
AATP was the best bargain out of all my dresses!


Angelic Pretty Maiden Ribbon Jacquard Scallop, Metamorphose Twinkle Journey, Metamorphose Ribbon Chandelier
The AP one was given to me by a friend after being disappointed in not getting it myself.

Angelic Pretty Dreaming Macaron, Angelic Pretty Marionette Girl, Metamorphose Swan Embroidery, Victorian Maiden Frill Cotton Underskirt


Black Peace Now vest, AATP Lucas Pants(being British it's still weird to call them pants...), Taobao sailor set

AATP Mon Ange Bien-aime Corset - Not yet happy with any of my coords with this


Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate

Head wear

Various brands: handmade, taobao, Anglic Pretty, BTSSB, Innocent World, Metamorphose, Fan + Friend


River Island 3 way bag, Taobao, Taobao (pikachu from pokemon center)


Primark, Bodyline, Taobao (adore the cabriole heels), Taobao(great boots with actual grip!)
Offbrand, Offbrand, Bodyline, Bodyline, Bodyline

In the Mail

Angel Heart Lolita The Laws of Alchemy Vest and Shorts, Souffle Song Palace Lantern JSK
My wardrobe goal was to get some red so I've started with a Qi dress with the connection of my heritage.

My Main Pieces Things at Home

Angelic Pretty Cometic OP, BTSSB Maria Antonio JSK, BTSSB cutsew OP, Innocent World Puppy JSK, Meta Sleeveless OP (black), Meta Fruit Punch Soda JSK and Skirt, Chess Story La Robe De Cinderella OP, Elpress L White Birch Forest OP (changed to a JSK), Haenuli Angel of Music OP, Haenuli Planetary Dreamer skirt, Krad Lanrete Venice Carnival JSK, Laurence Chinese New Year JSK, Rose Melody Rose Embroidery Skirt, Bodyline Stripe Balloon Bears OP (pink), Bodyline Cosmetic Print JSK, Bodyline Cherry JSK, Bodyline Princess OP, Bodyline Millitary Fruits Skirt, Bodyline Simple Lace Skirt, Handmade

My art inspiration wall above my wardrobe

Light switch and 'Trap' door

Current Mook Collection

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