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Swiss Meet-up in Kandersteg

After a very very long break from lolita I went to a winter lolita meet-up yesterday. It was great seeing old acquaintances again and meeting new people as well. Maybe I should reconsider my lolita hiatus.

This last week in january is kind of a special week in Kandersteg. It's Belle Epoque week. That means a whole week of lovely folk in a idyllic mountain village. How great is that? Specially since that means views like this:

But you're here for lolita pictures so here we go.

Single person shots (sadly I forgot one lolita :( but she's in other pictures):

Some of us decided to dress accurately for the event and wore gorgeous self made (!) historical costumes.

Pairs, couples and groups:

RGB color scheme

Apparently the polish ambassador asked for permission to take a picture with them. It's easy to see why.

We did a picture of the whole group but as it wasn't taken with my camera I can't show you.

Bonus (portraits and fun pictures):

The perfect bitch lolita face ;)

Or is it this one?

Anyway thank you very much for reading. I hope you enjoy those pictures as much as I do.

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