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lylith and Ida's wardrobe 2016

Hello everybody, welcome to our wardrobe post! I (lylith) have been into lolita since 2009 and I dragged my lovely girlfriend Ida into the fashion in the beginning of last year, so she is still pretty new :) I sold almost all of my stuff when I moved to London a few years ago and I started buying things again maybe 1,5 years ago. My style is somewhere between classic and sweet, Ida is rather on the sweet side. And now onto the clothes: ^^

~~~ JSKs ~~~

Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival JSK ivory (lylith)

Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival ivory.jpg

Angelic Pretty Glass Bottle of Tears special set JSK black (lylith)

Angelic Pretty Castle Mirage re-release JSK lavender (lylith)

Angelic Pretty Dreamy Planetarium JSK lavender (lylith)

Angelic Pretty Chocolate Rosette re-release JSK pink (lylith)

Angelic Pretty Chess Emblem JSK ivory (lylith)

Angelic Pretty Fleur Lady JSK pink (lylith)

BtSSB Olivia JSK pink (lylith)

BtSSB Stardust Fantasia JSK navy (lylith)

BtSSB Soirée of the Beginning of my Memories JSK black (lylith)

Metamorphose Sweet Poker JSK pink (Ida)

Metamorphose Swan Garden JSK sax (Ida)

Metamorphose Angelic Heaven JSK navy (Ida)

Metamorphose Tartan JSK red - I don't know its official name, sorry (lylith)

Metamorphose black JSK - again, I don't know its name (lylith)

Fanplusfriend Sacred Academy of Alexandria JSK blue (lylith)

Fanplusfriend Sacred Academy of Alexandria JSK green (Ida)

~~~ Skirts ~~~

Bodyline high waist skirt brown (lylith)

BtSSB Kuma Kumya's Royal Kingdom skirt blue (Ida)

Metamorphose Fairy Tale skirt white (Ida)

Metamorphose Bubble Bath skirt lavender (Ida)

Metamorphose Patissiere Dream skirt black (Ida)

Metamorphose March of the Ducks skirt white (Ida)

Metamorphose Happy Ending Story skirt green (Ida)

Metamorphose Witch of the Forest skirt purple (lylith)

Souffle Song Mucha skirt green (lylith)

~~~ Blouses ~~~

Angelic Pretty Standing Collar Ribbon Tie blouse black (lylith)
Angelic Pretty Going Out Ruffle blouse lavender (lylith)

Angelic Pretty pink blouse (lylith)
Bodyline Pearl blouse sax (lylith)

Bodyline Pearl blouse white (Ida)
Bodyline bowtie blouse white (Ida)

Bodyline Bunny Ear blouse beige (Ida)
Innocent World Striped Sleeve blouse beige (lylith)

Infanta Fairy Dance blouse (lylith)
Glitter Tale Dolly Tinkerbell blouse (lylith)

Lady Sloth Princess blouse (actually both of us have the same blouse, pictured only once)
Glitter Tale Antique Lover blouse (Ida)

Axes Femme cutsew (lylith)

~~~ Outerwear ~~~

Axes Femme cardigans (lylith)

Bodyline jacket (lylith)
Liz Lisa faux fur jacket (lylith)

Bodyline coat (lylith)
To Alice Deer coat (lylith)

Angelic Pretty Cat Ear cape (Ida)
Offbrand capes

~~~ Shoes ~~~

All Bodyline

~~~ Bags ~~~

BtSSB, Swimmer, Long Ears and Sharp Ears Studio
Axes Femme, Axes Femme, Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty

~~~ Accessories ~~~

Necklaces: Angelic Pretty, Chocomint, Swimmer, Tokimeki Gabriel, Automatic Honey, various offbrand and handmade from Etsy

Rings: Angelic Pretty, BtSSB, Swimmer, Automatic Honey, Chocomint, offbrand

Wristcuffs: Bodyline, Angelic Pretty, Peacockalorum, gloves are vintage

Headdresses: too many to name all of them, ask if you are interested in the origin of any specific item ^^ Headdresses on the last picture are handmade by me :D

And this is how we store all the stuff:

~~~ In the mail ~~~

Innocent World bolero

Angelic Pretty Rose Garden Princess JSK

Axes Femme cutsews

Angelic Pretty Victorian Letter bag

Alice and the Pirates Midsummer Night's Dream

Thank you for checking it ^^
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