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A Tiny Old School Wardrobe - 2016

Hello EGL~

I told myself I was going to make one, and despite constantly telling myself not to fool with it, I did! I've been interested in lolita since about 2007, and I bought my first dress almost 3 years ago. I've really been struggling to find pieces that I like, that fit, that flatter, and work with the other items in my wardrobe. I've bought and sold a lot this year. I finally feel like I've pinpointed my style, so hopefully this year I can get some much-needed pieces.


Baby the Stars Shine Bright Karami skirt - My first secondhand item and my first Baby item.

Bodyline l087 OP - My first dress and still my favorite.

Clock Monster bespoke JSK - Commissioned from my friend Diedre's awesome Etsy brand!


Anna House -- Bodyline (altered)


All Bodyline - I love rectangle headdresses so much. I hope to get all the remaining colors Bodyline has made that I don't own yet.

Bodyline - I have the same one in cream somewhere. -- Clock Monster -- Sweet Mildred -- offbrand


All offbrand/vintage


Betsey Johnson umbrella -- Taobao parasol
vintage basket purse -- vintage Dooney & Bourke -- Steve Madden -- Betsey Johnson Bow Party -- Taobao


Both Bodyline

So yeah, that's it! The majority of my socks are plain lace top knee socks or offbrand tights, plus half of them are in the wash. I also didn't photograph all the offbrand cardigans and blazers I wear with lolita, nor all the tiny little bows and clips and small stuff like that.

For 2016, I'm really hoping to nearly double the size of my wardrobe, as well as get a new camera and dress form for photos. I'd also like to get more brand, a lolita coat, and a pair of rocking horse shoes.

Thanks for taking a look at my post! I hope to do it again next year!


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