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buttcape's (Incomplete) Wardrobe 2016

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Assuming main pieces are OPs, JSKs, skirts, coats, jackets, and vests, my wardrobe practically doubled since last post. 2015 was a really good buying year and I was able to knock out a majority of my wishlist.

I've had an unfortunately crazy last 2 months, so this is only 60-70% of my wardrobe. My white items aren't included because the photos were awful. White on white doesn't work so well together, who would've thought? I lost willpower to get to the offbrand, hats, accessories, and shoes, but you can see most of it in my old wardrobe posts:


I did switch styles to taking pictures one-by-one vs in previous years where I had them in clusters on the ground. Not sure if I like it better or not. I certainly had to stare at Photoshop way longer.

Numbers are from whatever is in this post.
In a nutshell, I've become disenchanted with Alice and the Pirates, so I've been focusing on buying more other gothic brands. Recently I've taken liking to (p)leather and chiffon. If I counted the stuff not included, the AatP to Boz ratio would probably be closer. I might do more statistics on my blog, but not for certain since I'm technically on hiatus from it. I am active on twitter and instagram though.

Moving on, here's the 2016 wardrobe post:


Rouge Aerie Designs Nightmare Rising JSK
Meta Yoke Switched A-line OP (Chambray) OP
IW Square Yoke Doll OP
2015: I discovered I actually like the potato sack cut.

AatP x Hizaki Collaboration OP
MmM Divine Cross Sun JSK - I think my inner tacky Texan was attracted to the large cross.
Meta x Kamen Rider Braid Tuck Pinafore JSK

AatP Versailles Collaboration Rose Embroidery JSK
AatP Versailles Collaboration Rose Embroidery Ribbon JSK
Pierrot Long Corset OP

Na+H Androgynous Gauze OP - I don't know what category to put this in.
AatP Gathered Chiffon JSK (Shinjuku limited colorway)
AatP Gathered Chiffon JSK - If Hizaki wears it, I'll get it.


BPN tulle skirt
FRILL cage skirt
Meta D.Walkure Skirt

BPN skirt
Meta x Macross Frontier Sheryl [Nome]'s High Waist Skirt
Na+H Gauze Suspender Skirt

VM Fairy Chiffon Doll Skirt
MmM Asymmetry Corset Skirt
Sheglit Chiffon Asymmetrical Skirt
These skirts look really good next to each other.

AatP Adolf Wolf Long Skirt
AatP Giordana Long Wrap Skirt
Mille Noirs chiffon long skirt
I started getting into femme aristo because I ran out of ouji to buy.

Mille Noirs String Skirt
Boz Soft Tulle Long Skirt
Boz Latisha JSK - Technically not a skirt, but it is long.


Boz x Macross Frontier Sheryl [Nome] Cape
Boz Gregory Mini Mantle
It only gets cold enough to wear a cape for one day per year.


SEVEN x _ Collaboration Cloak Jacket - I don't know anything about _-san besides he always wears a mask. His name is pronounced "underscore." Mysterious.
BPN for Men Premium Paris Collection jacket - Still haven't found a tailor I trust enough to alter this.
Boz x Betrayal Knows My Name Collaboration Luka Crosszeria OP Jacket - Why did Boz decide to collaborate with this anime? It was bad. The fujoshi in me had to have this.

Boz BZ2100 Jacket - Bring back detachable sleeves.
Boz Zygmunt Jacket - I bought this new from the store and it only has buttons on one sleeve. I asked for the other buttons and haven't put them on (and will probably never).
Boz BZ2167 Jacket - The cuff link broke after I took this picture.

AatP Captain Schwarz Coat - The chains broke after I took this picture. Wardrobe posts are damaging.
AatP KING Coat
AatP Albert Jacket

Boz Moses Long Roland Jacket - Finally got a new Rolando after two years.
Boz Roland Jacket
Boz Eternity Roland Jacket

Boz Claymore Jacket
Boz x Kuroshitsuji Collaboration Jacket - I don't even like Kuroshitsuji.
Boz x Macross Frontier Sheryl [Nome] Jacket - Macross Frontier isn't that good.

Boz BZ2194 Jacket
Boz Novalis Jacket
AmaStacia Croix du Sud et Fleur de Lys Jacket

Ozz (On) Angelo Arabesque Embroidery Jacket
Sheglit Tiered Frill Jacket
Meta x Swallowtail Cafe Collaboration Le Boudoir Jacket - The most official butler jacket of them all.

Boz Gilford Swallowtail Jacket - Unlike amor_fati, I buy everything Boz with trim.
Boz Valdick Jacket
Putumayo swallowtail cardigan

Boz hoodie - The best item in my wardrobe that amor_fati helped me get after me being jealous of his. I wear this with AatP track pants.
Meta D.Walkure Jacket
Na+H Monotone Candy Rider Jacket

AatP Frill Swallowtail Jacket
VM Swallowtail Butterfly Ceremony Jacket
AatP x Sentimental Circus Collaboration Moonlight Temptation from the Monochrome Guide of the Dark Jacket - The official name is way too long.

Na+H Bone Jacket
BtSSB(?) military jacket - Closet Child said this was Baby. Maybe Baby, maybe not. I'm pretty sure it isn't. Liars.
AatP Prince Rabbit Short Jacket

Meta x Macross Frontier Collaboration Sheryl [Nome]'s Cropped Jacket
Boz Kreios Short Jacket
Putumayo x Misono Collaboration W Swallowtail Bolero

Putumayo Frill Bolero
Putumayo Insignia Short Jacket - It's just a bolero, man.
Putumayo x Tales of Zestiria Collaboration Lailah Open Shoulder Bolero - I've never played a Tales of game. I'll get to it eventually.


BLOOD Asymmetric Long Jacket - I'm not tall enough to wear this.
Boz McClain Sleeveless Long Jacket
AatP Granny Smith Vest

AatP Thaddeus Vest (first release)
Boz Edmund Sleeveless Jacket
Boz Flamberg Sleeveless Jacket - This is exactly like the Claymore Jacket without sleeves.

Boz Aion Swallowtail Vest
SEVEN Leather Dragon Vest
BPN long vest

BPN underbust vest
AatP swallowtail vest
Boz Rugal Vest

Boz Barnette Sleeveless Jacket
Putumayo Gate Swallowtail Vest
PN vest

PN vest
AatP x Versailles Collaboration Rose Embroidery Vest
AatP x Versailles Collaboration Rose Embroidery Ribbon Vest

AatP Tourinot Vest - I had 3 of the non-chain version, but they weren't good enough.
AatP Lace Maschera Vest
Dear Celine Little British Prince Vest

AatP Chain Bouquet Vest
Meta Ornament Print Vest
Meta Dim Light Vest

Meta vest
AatP Music Box Crown Stripe Vest
Ozz (On) Angelo Arabesque Embroidery Corset


Putumayo cutsew
Boz Mistress Blouse
Boz Halphas Frill Blouse

Boz Dion Short Sleeved Blouse - Seller didn't send me my jabot the first time.
AatP Prince Conrad Blouse
Boz BZ7183 Blouse

Boz Mistress Blouse
AatP Maria Rose Chiffon Blouse
IW Classical Chocolate Blouse - The only light blouse that made it.

Na+H sleeveless blouse
AatP Rachel Sleeveless Blouse
Sheglit Rubber Shirring Blouse

Mille Noirs Georgette Blouse
AatP Griottine Blouse (detachable sleeves version)
AatP x Versailles Collaboration Rose Embroidery Blouse

Dear Celine Poet of Spring High Collar Ribbon Blouse
IW Original Lace Blouse with Jabot
AatP Lucent Blouse

R-Series Black Knight Gothic Blouse
Boz Sergius Blouse
Boz Mistress Blouse (cotton version)

Boz Stefan Blouse
Boz Alhena Mistress Blouse
AatP x Sentimental Circus Collaboration Moonlight Temptation from the Monochrome Guide of the Dark Blouse

Sheglit Frill Blouse with Jabot


Sheglit Liberated Tulle Corset
Sheglit Leather Restraint Corset
Boz Gefion Overskirt

Boz Satanachia Overskirt
Boz Leister Overskirt


Na+H Frill Shorts - There was absolutely no point in making these into pants because the inseam is only 1 cm long.
Na+H Warrior Shorts (cotton-poly version)
Na+H Warrior Shorts (leather version)

Na+H Dissection Leather Shorts
AatP Pocket Short Pants
Na+H Side Frill Shorts

Boz BZM5086 Half Pants
Putumayo Carousel 2-Way Pants
Boz Barrack Half Pants - To this day, I'm cursing the seller who said this was the black x black version.

Ozz (On) Croce shorts
AatP Tarot Card Print Pants
69th Dept Low Waist Pumpkin Pants

Dear Celine Little British Prince Pants
Dear Celine Invented Wings Knight Pants
AatP Lace Maschera Pants

Chess Story Je n'ai pas de temps Mr. Rabbit Striped Pumpkin Pants
AatP Rudolf Pants (lucky pack version)
AatP Rudolf Pants

AatP Jeremiah Pants - I swear I sold these, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
AatP Ribbon Prince Half Pants
AatP Arlecchino Pants

AatP x Sentimental Circus Collaboration Moonlight Temptation from the Monochrome Guide of the Dark Pants

AatP Mercurius Pants
AatP Alex Pants
AatP Preservation Pants

Boz Solomon Half Pants
AatP Milky Rail Train Pants - I don't know how many bows have fallen off.
AatP JOJO Pants - I bought these for the name.

AatP Pocket Salopette Pants
AatP Butler’s Cummerbelt Pants - These are for an Ace Attorney or Aldnoah.ZERO coord if I ever get around to it.
Meta pants

AatP x Versailles Collaboration Rose Embroidery Pants - These are backwards because the front is boring.
AatP Cafe Pants
AatP Albert Pants

AatP Jerenile Pants - Almost thought I had two of these.
Na+H Monotone Candy Frill Pants
AatP sarouel pants - Buttcape track pants.

Putumayo x Tales of Xillia Collaboration sarouel pants
Boz Raven Half Pants
Elements,H Wide Pants - Still haven't gotten these hemmed.

AatP Wide Pants
AatP Wide Pants
MmM Corset-Like Shoulder Belt - The only accessory picture I got.

Maybe I'll be able to get everything next year. Thanks for looking!

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