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Ohmarjorie's Sweet & Otome Wardrobe 2016

Hello and welcome to my first wardrobe post and first post on EGL!

I first became seriously interested in lolita in late 2012 and bought my first items in late spring of 2013, so I guess I've been into lolita for about 2 1/2 years now. I spent the first year or two buying a lot of items in different styles, some of which really didn't suit me or my wardrobe, that I would eventually end up selling. It wasn't until last autumn that I finally kind of settled into a style and forced myself to curb my impulse buying.
Outside of lolita, my style is a bit more mature-cute. I love mori girl and brands like F.i.n.t. and Amavel.
I would say my lolita style is sweet with a hint of otome; my favorite brands are AP and ETC.
My wardrobe is somewhat small, but I hope you enjoy it~!
P.S. Beware of bears.

Pretty much all JSKs here. As much as I love OPs and SKs in lolita, they generally don't look good on me.

Sweet Cream House High-waist JSK (2012)
I absolute love this color (strawberry milk) and print.
Unfortunately, I'm not 100% in love with the fit, since full-back shirring without corset lacing tends to look a bit baggy on me.

Musee du Chocolat Low-waist JSK (2013)
This is such a great piece for casual wear!
I am a big fan of the MdC series, and the regular JSK in brown or ivory is one of my dream dresses.

Chess Chocolate Bustier JSK (2011)
This print is gorgeous! I initially wanted the Jabot JSK, but after trying them both on, I realized I actually prefer the bustier version.
Still waiting for a good opportunity to wear this!

Little Bear's Cafe High Waist JSK (2010)
One of my all-time favorite dresses. It has donuts, bears, and chipmunks, so I was basically destined to love it.
The material is nice and heavy, as well, meaning this is great for winter. It's probably the coziest piece I own.

Petit Patisserie High-waist JSK (2011)
Another dream dress and probably my most worn piece by AP.
I've owned the tiered version in the past, but it was weirdly bulky in the chest/underarms.
I'm much happier with the high-waist version, as I feel it's better for daily wear.
I like pairing this with red, and I think it would be fun to make the cakes on it one day.
The ivory colorway is on my wishlist as well.

Chest Switching Striped JSK (2010)
One of these things is not like the other~♫
This was one of my very first pieces of brand and my first piece by AP. It doesn't suit the rest of my wardrobe, but I can't really bring myself to sell it. I love the heart buttons and lace on this, and the fabric drapes nicely over petticoats.


15th Anniversary Cake Box JSK (2013)
I found this for rather cheap at Closet Child Harajuku and couldn't resist!
It's light and airy—perfect for spring and summer.

Gingerbread JSK- name unknown (????)
This dress is pretty much a mystery to me. I bought it on auction, seduced by its wackiness.
The fit isn't 100% perfect on me (it's a little big), but I love the print as well as the halter straps. This dress makes me want to bake Christmas cookies.

Lace & Stripes Bread Print JSK (2010)
It's bread, 'nough said.
But really, this dress is everything I want in my life, and I wear it rather frequently, even if it's just to loaf around the house.

Fruit Cans JSK (2007)
This is a dress I had admired and desired for quite a while.
I am very happy that I was able to aquire it recently! It fits me like a glove and strikes the perfect balance between otome/lolita and quirky, casual dress. The color and subtle branding are on point.

Doughnuts & Cutlery JSK (2013)
A longtime dream dress that I've actually owned before, albeit in a different color.
I think ETC did a marvelous job balancing cute/mature with this print, and I'm glad my favorite (crullers) made an appearance.
I like eating donuts and wearing donuts, but I especially like eating donuts while wearing donuts.

Donut Romper (????)
Regarding Feelings: See above
This piece is a bit louder and more playful than Doughnuts & Cutlery, which is great.
Thanks to the built-in shorts, I can run around in it without fearing the wind.


Chandelier Flocky JSK I (2007)
I received this in the first and only trade I've ever done, and I've loved it ever since.
The dress fits me perfectly, and I love how it can be dressed up or down. Because of that, I don't think I'll ever sell this, even though it doesn't match the rest of my wardrobe at all. In fact, I'd also like to own the black x black version.

I like pairing this with a pair of vintage suede boots for days when I'm running errands or (when I was a student) going to class.

Royal Order Mini OP (2013)
Royal Order is one of my favorite print series by JM, and this dress is stunning.
I feel like I wear it too much and worry about wearing it out, but I can't help it— the dress is just too comfy.


Beth by Victorian Maiden's Frog Prince Cutsew OP
I snagged this from CC as soon as I saw it. The color is very rich irl, and the frog prince is just too charming!

MILK's Vintage Stamp OP and Skirt
These are both fun, very wearable pieces. I especially love the dress, even though the fact that it's totally unlined means I usually have to wear another dress/slip under it. MILK is a brand I would like to try out more.

I've left out most offbrand ones, including only those that I wear almost exclusively with lolita.
You might notice that I really like long sleeves.

Both by Angelic Pretty
Top: Petit Ribbon Pear Round Collar Blouse // Bottom: Eternal Frill Georgette Blouse
I love both of these blouses; they're my go-to for most coords. The Eternal Frill blouse feels very luxurious.

Both by Angelic Pretty
Top: Jewelry Beads Blouse // Bottom: Round Collar Assorted Ribbon Blouse
Jewelry Beads is made out of a super soft material, but unfortunately it really only matches one of my dresses.
The Round Collar blouse, on the other hand, matches plenty of things but has a really weird fit. It's rather baggy in the arms, so I'm on the fence about keeping it.

Both by Angelic Pretty
I have no idea what the names of these are, but they're both cute, simple tops.
I really like the cutsew and would like to add more cutsews to my wardrobe!

Left: IW's Flat Collar Dot Crepe Blouse // Right: Blouse by F.i.n.t
Even though the IW blouse doesn't fit in with my lolita wardrobe any more, I wear it once in a while with my casual wardrobe dresses.
I really love the
F.i.n.t blouse, especially paired with Petit Patisserie. It also has a detachable wine-colored ribbon.

Both by Emily Temple Cute
I have no idea if these turtlenecks even have names, but I'm very glad they exist. I sort of "rediscovered" turtlenecks in 2015, and I think they're great for casual lolita. The striped one is my favorite of the two; I'd like it in other colors as well.

Left: AatP Rose Transparent Knitting Bolero // Middle: AP Polka Dot Knit Cardigan (missing fur collar) // Right: DreamV Heart Knit Bolero
I love boleros and cardigans and would really love to add more to my wardrobe. I wear the AatP and DreamV ones the most, but the AP one is super comfy and warm.

Left: ETC Long Cardigan // Middle: ETC Glitter Cardigan w/Spoon Brooch // Right: Another Angelus Daisy Embroidery Cardigan
I'm in love with all three of these.
The one on the left gets a lot of compliments from random people, and the Another Angelus Cardigan is very light and breathable.

Left: ETC Choco Rabbit Zip Up // Middle: AP Candy Sprinkle Parka // Right: JM Music Knit Pullover
The ETC Zip Up is one of my most worn pieces of clothing because it's super versatile. It was also my first real *find* at Closet Child.
I love the Candy Sprinkle Parka, too. I wear it for lounging around the house and running errands.

Going to keep it super simple here~

Left: How I store my brand socks & tights // Right: Bread Tights!
I don't own that many pairs of lolita socks/tights, but I store the ones I do own in an old AP shoe box. It makes it easy for me to grab the ones I need and keeps them out of the mess that is my regular sock drawer. I also adore these bread tights. I never imagined that having baguettes for legs would make me so happy.

I always feel like I never have enough shoes.

Left: AP Tea Party and Melty Chocolate Shoes // Right: Antaina Tea Party-style heels and Bodyline s523
I bought my first brand shoes in 2015, and I couldn't be happier with them! The tea parties were a total steal from Fairy-Angel, and the Melty Choco shoes are super comfy. Plus, they make me feel tall! (I'm ~5'1"/156cm).
I also really like the Antaina shoes. I've had them for over two years and worn them many times, but they're still in great shape. I think the red goes nicely with Petit Patisserie, and to make them a little less cutesy, I usually wear them without the ankle strap.

Left: Jellybean Chocolate Pumps and Target 4-Strap Booties // Right: Naya Jada Pump and Modcloth's Dance it Up Heel
Offbrand shoes that I wear with a lot of my outfits. The Jellybean and Naya pumps have taken a real beating (I have been caught in typhoon-related torrential downpours in both pairs ;__;) but are holding up well.
The Target booties are great for staving off my hunger for JM's frilly 4-straps.

Left: Melissa Ballet Flats // Right: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa 3-strap Flats
I love both of these pairs so much! The right are a recent aquisition, but I'm sure they'll see a lot of wear once the snow is gone.
The bubblegum scent makes me so nostalgic.

I also want more bags.

Left: Taobao knockoff of an AP bag // Middle: AP Boston Bag from Tea Time Ala Cart LP // Right: MILK Heart Bag
I like all three of these, but the MILK bag is a heartstopper~ I use it as a daily bag.

Left: Swimmer Biscuit Bag // Middle: ETC Handbag and Swimmer Biscuit-print Lunchbag // Right: QPot Foldable Tote
The Swimmer bags is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. Having owned a replica of it before, I can say that the quality is much better.
The QPot bag is great for taking small things to the Post or doing light shopping, as you can just fold it up and slip it in your main bag when you're not using it.

BtSSB Kuma Kumya Pochette
These are the apples of my eyes.
I love, love, love Kuma Kumya and want to collect them all as well as a print or two featuring them.

Probably the weakest part of my wardrobe. I really need to buy more accessories in 2016.

AP // F.i.n.t. // Taobao- Vision World
I really want more berets.

All Angelic Pretty
Little Bear's Cafe // Musee du Chocolate // Sweet Cream House // Stripe Double Side Bow
I don't really wear big bows, but I like smaller ones like the bottom right.

Left: Angelic Pretty // Right: Offbrand
I really like hair combs and clips. I'm still iffy on the huge barrettes, though.

Top: Rococo Soul, Handmade, PepFox, Swimmer // Bottom: AP, AP, offbrand x2, AP, ofbrand x 2, etsy
I love the Pepfox pin as well as the AP Gingerbread ring.

Top & Middle: Sweet Dolly House on Etsy // Bottom: Taobao
I love the bracelets, but I'm not big on wristcuffs.

From Left: Vintage // Rococo Soul // Tralala // Offbrand
The pearls were a gift from my mother on my 16th birthday, as they had been given to her by my grandmother on her 16th birthday.
I think the Rococo Soul necklace is also lovely, though I have no longer have anything to wear with it.

All Angelic Pretty
From Left: Melty Cream Donut // Country of Sweets // Party Ribbon // Little Donut

I love every single one of these necklaces and wear them with both lolita and my everyday outfits.
I would like to invest in a fe
w necklaces from brands like JM and Q-Pot this year.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Kuma Kumya Earmuffs
I received these as a gift when I bought the milktea Kuma Kumya Bag and some socks, and I couldn't have been happier! They're super cute.

Angelic Pretty's Little Bear Coin Pouch and Scarf
Two more of my favorite wardrobe items. I would like to change the strap on the coin purse at some point.
Things pictured below + a few brooches from HelloBonesJones and a new iron, since mine died last month OTL
Glitter Constellation Print JSK - Pink - Front464167-1777-2015-09-14998232

And that's it! For 2016, I'd like to focus on padding out my wardrobe with more cardigans/boleros and jewelry, finally get a good coat that suits my wardrobe, and maybe get a dream dress or two (Sweet Waffle!)
Thanks for sticking through it! I'd love to answer any questions/hear any comments!
Also, please feel free to check out my blog.
I'm trying to be a better blogger this year and post at least twice per month.
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  • Unreleased Items You Wish Were Released?

    I was looking through some of my old (ouch) AP catalogs and in one of them from 2014 there was this marshmallow bag pictured with the re-release of…

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