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DarkxDelirium's Wardrobe Post 2016

Haven't used Lj in a long while!

This is my second wardrobe post after being in this fashion for 12 years! My new year resolution was to clear out my wardrobe, as I don't have the chance to wear lolita much anymore.
So this post is to catalogue my pieces before I par down my wardrobe for good ♥

Most of these pictures were shot after work with a desk lamp for lighting...sorry if some of them aren't so good ><

Starting with the brand that I bought my first JSK from-

♥ Baby the Stars Shine Bright /Alice and the Pirates♥

My first JSK is on the right. The lace details are gorgeous in person. There's at least 5 different kinds of lace used!

The skirt and jsk on the left are from AATP's release while the OP on the right is the original Koitsukihime version.

I fell in love with Btssb's cinderella print when I first started...It took me 10 years but I finally found the jsk in Closet Child recently!

The OP on the right is a collab with Nana Mizuki, I regret not buying the hat that went with this! It's been really difficult to find secondhand.

I don't like this cut on me, so I'm replacing this with the green JSK in the other cut. (On the way so no pictures yet!)

♥ Metamorphose ♥

My first JSK from Meta! I still remember the feeling of excitement when it came in the mail. The print bleeds and it is very old now but I keep it for sentimental value.

There was an accident and bleach got onto this jsk, my friend kindly redid the ruffles for me with new fabric.
I treasure this jsk a lot!

"Grandma couch kei"

♥ Angelic Pretty ♥

My dream dress! ♥

I love the color of this jsk! I wish AP would use this shade more in regular releases instead of special sets only.

♥ Lief ♥

I missed the first release of Gardenberries and Sacred Night, so I was really glad they re-released them!

Dresses with multiple removable collars needs to be a thing.

♥ Juliette et Justine ♥

Catsss ♥

♥ Mary Magdalene ♥

♥ Victorian Maiden ♥

The dress on the right is actually an underdress+overdress.
♥ Innocent World ♥

♥ Moi Meme Moitie ♥

Moitie's architecture prints got me into gothic, they're my favourite

The blackXsilver print doesn't show up well in photos...The bottom skirt is the chandelier print (I think?)

♥ HNaoto ♥

♥ Haenuli ♥

More cats!

♥ Krad Lanrete ♥

The skirt on the right is from "The Snow Field".
I started grouping some of pieces together randomly after a while because it was easier.

Left: AATP Right: Atelier Pierrot

Left: Atelier Boz Right: Echantic Echantilly

Blue skirt on the left: Japanese Indie brand (no tag?) Right, Top: Victorian Maiden

Left: Btssb Right: AP

Left: AP Right: Lief

Top skirt: JetJ Bottom skirt: Moitie OP: Excentrique

Left: Black Peace Now Right: AATP

Left: Grimoire Right: Moitie

Blouses and boleros...and an AATP skirt that was hiding in a corner of my wardrobe. I tend to use offbrand chiffon blouses more these days as it has been really hot here.

♥ Otome ♥
I've been into casual/otome more these days as it's easier to wear when I don't want to stand out too much.

♥ Emily Temple Cute ♥

JSK on the right is Leur Getter.

♥ Jane Marple ♥

♥ Milk ♥

♥ Hair Accessories ♥

Black hats all look the same from afar in bad lighting...

Axes Femme has the best hats for reasonable prices! Highly recommend them.

♥ Corsets/Bustiers ♥

Purple corset: Excentrique, Black bustier: Moitie, Pink Corset: Abilletage
♥ Bags ♥

Fake leather brand bags always flake in my climate, but Swimmer holds up surprisingly well!

♥ Tights ♥

♥ Shoes ♥

I've given up on fake leather brand shoes, they always end up flaking because it's too hot/humid.

♥ Parasols ♥

I got this parasol stand from Black Alice (a local lolita shop) when they closed in Singapore.
I'm really glad to have some part of it in my house to remind me of the happy times there!

♥ Bonus Detail Shots ♥
Print details are what makes lolita so special for me, thank you for sitting through this long post ^^



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