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Roli's Wardrobe 2016: The "let's coord everything" edition

2015 was my third full year in lolita, and it was a good one for my wardrobe. I made some additions and a lot of refinements too, getting rid of the things I didn't love, even if it left gaps I need to fill this coming year. My style is primarily classic, with a bit of sweet thrown in, and I aim for versatility.

I put in a bit more effort this year and made oufits with and took detail shots of all my main pieces. I did, however, forget/not bother to takes photos of my jackets, hats, ankle socks and plain lace-topped socks. You can view last year's post for comparison here.

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Bodyline L417
One of the first things I purchased, and one of the few from the early days that's still around.

Chiffon Lovers.jpg
FanPlusFriend Chiffon Lovers
At first I wasn't sold on the empire waist but it's just so gorgeous I can't help but love it.

Princess Rose.jpg
Innocent World Princess Rose
The oldest piece in my wardrobe, released in 2005. I had to turn the straps into a halter so the bodice sits right on me.

Jam Paradise.jpg
Rococo Soul Jam Paradise
This dress is so cute and easy to wear, it has become a definite favourite.

Bodyline L571
Such a lovely dress that is, to me, the perfectly summery classic style.

Lyris Design.jpg
Lyris Design Brown Underbust
James bought me this dress for my birthday in 2014 and I adore it. It's comfortable, easy to coord, and so my style!

Bodyline L174
This dress is quite short, so I've already bought fabric to add a ruffle to the bottom. The funny part is, I bought this dress secondhand so cheaply that not only was shipping for it more than the dress itself, but I spent waaaay more on fabric for the ruffle than on the dress and postage combined. Nice delustered satin to match the bodice top is quite expensive!

Bodyline L348
Everyone needs a little black lolita dress, and this one is mine.

Florina Rose.jpg
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Florina Rose
A gorgeous print on flowy swiss dot chiffon, but with a rather difficult pink to match.

Anniversary Rose.jpg
Innocent World Anniversary Rose
Another print that's hard to match colours with. It's really lovely though, one of my favourite Innocent World prints.

Tartan Check Mini Sleeves.jpg
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Tartan Check Mini Sleeves
A new addition to my wardrobe and already a favourite. It's just so cute, fits me perfectly and the fabric itself is reall nice and thick and luscious. I had to fix the elastic in the sleeves though.

Butterfly Coffin Embroidery.jpg
Infanta Butterfly Coffin Embroidery
This JSK was originally bought for our model wardrobe, but when James said he wanted to get rid of it I claimed it for myself instead of selling it off. I haven't worn it yet, and it's not something I'd buy for myself normally but I do like having it.

Blue JSK.jpg
Handmade Blue Floral
My most recent handmade piece and though I'm proud of my construction the fit is not quite right, so I may transform it into a skirt or sell it off sometime this year. Haven't quite decided though.

Angelic Pretty Twinkle Doll
I was waiting on getting this set to finish of my wardrobe post, but to be honest I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it because I am kind of tall and the JSK is kind of short! It is adorable though.


Wonderpunk Jurassic Party
Starting off my skirts with the one I am most excited about: the first print from Wonderpunk, which is the lolita (and more) brand that James and I just launched! We're almost ready to start taking orders for this cutie, and I couldn't be more happy. It's nice having a boyfriend who like loltia enough to make it! If you like this print you can like the Wonderpunk facebook page for updates.

Magic Tea Party Something New
A perfectly wonderful floral skirt; I love it.

Handmade Cherry
My actual curname is cherry, and once day I found the last of a bolt of this fabric for super sale at Spotlight. I never used it for years until I decided it deserved to be something lolita, and there you have it. I actually wear this skirt a lot casually outside of lolita, or a bit more neatly to work.

ReStyle Gothic Windows
I earned this skirt writing blog articles for an alternative fashion retailer, and it's the only gothic piece in my wardrobe.

Metamorphose Temps de Fille Flower Bottle (Lucky Pack Version)
I adore this skirt, though it did take a while to grow on me when I first got it.

Bodyline L325
I think this is like the only Bodyline piece that is universally acknowledged to be good, lol.

Bodyline L173
Cute, simple, floral... what more do I want?

Bodyline L353
This skirt is amazing, it's so pretty and comfortable and I always love coording it.

Bodyline L303
Probably my most worn lolita item, it's just so easy to wear and so cute! Between this and my Cherry skirt it's become obvious to me that black and red is my default casual colour scheme. I don't mind this at all.

Bodyline L380
I love all the subtle details in this skirt.


Bodyline l479
It's the bright, rich colorus that really make this dress for me.

Bodyline L323
This dress has detachable sleeves which make it kinda wa-lolita in a bad way, but take them off and you have a nice classic floral dress!

Bodyline L411
I rescued this dress from mt "to sell" pile this year when I realised removing the top line of shirring would make it look a heck of a lot nicer on me.

Bodyline L479
Yes, I have this onepiece in two colourways. This is the original, and the best.

Short Sleeved Blouses

Offbrand // Bodyline

Axes Femme // Offbrand

Innocent World Musette Bustier // Bodyline

Long Sleeved Blouses

Offbrand // The Floral Notebook

Alice and the Pirates // Innocent World

Angelic Pretty // Magic Tea Party

The Floral Notebook // Modified Bodyline

The Floral Notebook // Lady Sloth

The Floral Notebook // Infanta


Innocent World // Innocent World

Handmade // Heart E

Fawn Fur Collection

Fawn Fur.jpg
Axes Femme // Peacockalorum




Modified Bodyline // Offbrand

Offbrand // Taobao

Offbrand // Taboao // Angelic Pretty

Other Accesories

Metamorphose // Bodyline // Offbrand // Handmade


Socks & Tights

Innocent World // Metamorphose // Taobao

Offbrand // Angelic Pretty // Baby the Stars Shine Bright // Alice and the Pirates // Metamorphose



Bodyline // Taobao // Offbrand

Bodyline // Taobao // Axes Femme


Offbrand // Axes Femme // Baby the Stars Shine Bright // Taobao

So there we have it, my 2016 wardrobe! I hope you enjoyed it ^__^
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