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Surface Spell Gothic, Bourbon Dynasty Photos.

May be image heavy for some.

I ordered the blue and red Surface Spell Gothic Bourbon Embroidery JSK + a Red matching cape and decided to share photos of my purchase with you. I also have a green version being made.

I ordered through
Clobba. Their customer service was once again amazing and they're very easy to order through, I would easily recommend them to anyone who doesn't want to or know how to order directly through Taobao.
I ordered when the dress was first posted to their website and recieved the package in June.

This dress comes in three colours black, red, blue, and green There is a JSK version and a Long OP version.
It can be custom made- you can choose the length of it and have it made to your own body measurements, I think there are also standard sizes you can choose from (S M L XL...)

The outer fabric of the dress is made with a high quality velvet and has a fair bit of weight to it.
*Just a heads up for those of you who haven't owned velvet clothing before.. it's a higher maintenance fabric that requires attention and care to keep in prime condition, you can read more here about caring for the fabric.

The lining against my skin in the dress is incredibly silky, it feels amazing.

The embroidery is a mix of gold and silver and it's some of prettiest embroidery I have seen.. it's sparkley and has captivated everyone who has seen it, whether the dress was on display in my home or i wore it out. It makes me really happy to see so many other people interested in a dress.

The embroidery on the red dress seems to be better done than the blue dress, Looking at the blue dress it seems there are some places lacking threads. You'll see photos for yourself. It's just something I noticed and wanted to point out to those who may be pickier about quality.

The tassels are beautiful and silky smooth, they make me think of liquid gold when I touch them. They are a little bulky, though the belt really ties the dress together and makes it look even more beautiful.

The cape is as good of quality as the dresses are, the embroidery is awesome and the way it feels is amazing. The fabric is lighter. The cape also comes with tassels. I personally find there are too many and don't want tassels all over my body so I wear them removed. The cape pins that come with the cape are really pretty, they are rose gold rather than gold.

Some other things I will mention is that there have been absolutely no loose threads and I have yet to find any visible mistakes in the construction of the dresses. I feel like I queen when I put this dress on, it is super luxurious. I am a sucker for Velvet and Embroidery so this dress is perfect for me.

If you have any questions, ask away.

*Click on the photos for larger images and better detail, probably.

Photos of the Red JSK:

w/o petticoat:

w/ petticoat:

Back lacing:

Front Embroidery:

Hem lace:

Inside out/lining:

Other side of Lining (under velvet fabric):

Back of Velvet Fabric:

Back of Zipper:

The Belt:

The Matching Cape:

Embroidery closeup:

Cape pins:

Cape velvet fabric closeup:

Cape lining:

Matching cape w/ added tassels:

Photos of the Blue JSK:
I need to dewrinkle this one a little.

JSK with petticoat:

Back Lacing:

The zipper:

With tassels:

Hem lace:

Front Embroidery:

(here you can see the flaws):

Inside out/lining:

Surfacespell label:

Some photos of flower clips Clobba threw in as gifts and the tassels straight out of packaging:

Once again, I'd be happy to answer any questions for you.
If you want photos of the dress being worn or photos of the green version when I recieve it, PM me.
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