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January challenge: Old and New

Friday was my birthday, but I had to wait until Sunday to dress up in Lolita properly. My boyfriend took me out for afternoon tea, so I took this opportunity to do the cord challenge.

I think that my style hasn't so much changed as I worked towards finding one in the first place, which is why the old piece (Bodyline's Sweet Macaron JSK, bought all the way back in 2011) fits the new one (Infanta's Swan Lake blouse, bought late in 2015). It gave it a more Classic Lolita feel overall, although I kept accessories Sweet. Funnily enough, the tea party shoes by Bodyline are a sort of "middle" piece, neither old or new (bought in 2013), so I guess I managed to bring together not only the old and the new, but also the one in between.

If I was to do this challenge a year ago, I wouldn't be able to do it as pretty much all my Lolita and loliable clothes were dresses (and the Axes Femme blouses wouldn't really fit my main pieces). I wonder what it'll be like next year.

I also have a very new petticoat here (literally arrived on Thursday before my birthday), which cheekily decided to show a little, but that doesn't really count.

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