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Wardrobe Post 2016

Hi there!
This is my first time using Livejournal - I've been a long-time browser but had never thought to participate myself...till now. :)

I bought my first dresses back in 2009, but didn't really get into the fashion completely till 2011. Since beginning university this year, I have had a lot more freedom and opportunities to pursue my wardrobe dreams. I am admitedly quite picky with what I buy so my wardrobe isn't overly big, but I'm glad to finally say I'm happy with my progress in how it is coming along to suit my desired style - sweet, cute and comfortable. :)

Every year since about 2013, I've set myself a wardrobe goal. My goals for 2015 were to obtain my dream dress, and buy a wider variety of blouses. I was able to successfully achieve both of these goals (yay)!
This year, my goals will be to buy a wider variety of bags and shoes, to attempt getting matching headbows to current pieces, and to buy a current year piece. My heart is stuck in AP's older style prints, so I really need to flesh out and make the leap into something newer for once. :)

Onto my wardrobe!


~ JSKs & OPs ~

(The Angelic Pretty replica was my first dress I bought from eBay as a 13 year-old, I never wear it but keep it as a reminder of when I started.)


~ Skirts ~

I tend to avoid buying skirts as my waist is pretty small (sadly my Wonder Party skirt needs to be pinned whenever I wear it or else it slips right down!) so I've only ever bought skirts when I've had the opportunity to try them on. I love them elastic waists ;)


~ Coats ~

It sadly doesn't get cold enough in Melbourne to need any more than one big coat. I'm also not 100% sure on the source of this coat - The closest thing I could find to it was the 2010 Lucky Pack coat, but even then it's different.....if anybody knows I would be forever grateful!


~ Blouses ~


~ Cutsews ~


~ Cardigans & Boleros ~

Sorry these could have really used with some steaming, they've been in my wardrobe for a while with no use since it's Summer! ^^;
I'm really lucky in finding lovely offbrand pieces that I've never had a need for any others. :)


~ Socks & OTKs ~


~ Shoes ~

Although I have quite a few pairs, I feel like I could advantage from a wider variety of colours. :)


~ Hairpieces & Bonnets ~

I realised I forgot to take photos of my hats, but there's already so much here I'm sure they won't be missed....


~ Bags ~


~ Accessories & Miscellaneous ~

I have a lot of accessories as you can see, so I've only taken photos of some.


~ In The Mail ~

The only notable thing I have in the mail other than a few pairs of random OTKs is Angelic Pretty's Jewelry Jelly Switching JSK in blue! I know I already have the skirt, but this print is just so cute and glittery that I can't stay away from it. :'D


Aaaaaand that's it (or rather, everything minus anything I've forgotten...)!!
If you have any questions regarding any pieces, feel more than welcome to ask!
Congratulations for making it through this very long wardrobe post, I honestly didn't expect it to become so big but....yikes. ^^;

Thank-you so much for reading! :)
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