December 27th, 2002

Irene - self

Puuuuuuuu @_@ Heeheeheeheeheehee ^_^

Minna! Minna! We need poooooooooosts! Okaysies. Here's some stuff for make-up that I've learned.

~Apply black eyeshadow fully to your top lid and from the inside to the middle to your bottom lid. Try to fade from dark to light on the bottom. You'll give yourself a sort of dead/demented look and helps make your eyes look buggy. Maybelline has black, but it rubs off after a couple hours, but it should last long enough. You need to buy an applicatour seperately.
~Steer away from Revlon eyeliner. >_< That stuff barely lasts an hour.
~Brucci has REAAAAAAAAAALLY pretty (and assourted!) colours as far as nail polish goes, but it chips off really quickly.
~People who wear faux fur are Muppet killers
~Die and Toshiya are sexy sexy, yes indeedy!

^_^() Sorry. Just had lots o pizza. Hope that helps!
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