December 14th, 2002


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Hi everyone! Sorry about the mega crossposting, but I just had to share.

I went to a christmas costume party last night and I was the only one dressed up in anything more than a santa hat. But! I got to wear lots of floof and had oodles of fun putting this outfit together.

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It was all really last minute. Amazingly I just kind of threw stuff from black & red outfits and black & white outfits I already had, together, and voila! Instant holiday cheer.

The details:
-The hair is fake. Red UV reactive jumbo braid twisted with some white pipecleaners, and just some straight black loose falls.
-My choker is a red and white satin garter with a red bow I'd never worn but managed to stretch over my big fat head. I'd originally bought it at Frederick's to go with a red and white nurse outfit I have but satin and PVC just don't work so well together.
-My stockings are also from Frederick's. They actually have red candy cane angled stripe print where a back seam would normally be. And red bows at the ankles. One has a silver bell on the bow, but one doesn't. No idea what happened there, but I think I paid less than $2 for them back in February. And again, had never worn them.
-I have two tops on, one red and one white. Both from Forever 21.
-The corset was given to me by a neighbor that used to do civil war reenactments. The boning is popping through in places, and it's most definitely the most poorly constructed corset I own, on top of being the least comfortable, but it's white and it does the job.
-The petticoats both came from eBay. The red is one of my new ones from DAWNSCOTTAGE@ and the white is a resale, not in the best shape, but poufier than the red.
-The shoes are Dollhouse. I think I paid $6.99 for them at a Burlington Coat Factory about a month ago. Not the most comfortable, but not the least comfortable shoes I own either.
-The gloves I'd bought on sale after Halloween thinking I'd use them for an Alice costume or something eventually...

The only thing I bought specifically for the outfit were the striped bows. They're Martha Stewart, on sale at K-Mart. I got 12 of the small ones and the two large ones all for less than $7 US. They're just ribbon bows with wire edges, but I definitely won't wear them on my skirt again. I'll stick to the stiff plasticy bows. These just crushed and crumpled a little too easily while being smished through the crowd. I had to keep messing with them, and I hate fussing with my outfits too much. The wire ribbon bows were fine in my hair though. They didn't flatted or get squashed too badly. Only after some rigorous dancing and head flinging did I have to reshape them a bit.

And there you have it. ^_^
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