November 29th, 2002

Gaz: People are strange


Hello all! I was wondering if someone wouldn't explain "CutSew." I see it a lot on EGL sites, but can't figure out what catagorizes clothing as "CutSew." My Japanese boyfriend just looked blankly at me when I asked ^_^; Is it only a EGL thing?

Starting a Business - Lolita Style's been a while.

First off...I know Lolita bible no. 6 came out. I got bibles 4 and five way back and I love them to death. Is no. 6 worth it?

You guys have probably heard this before, but I thought i'd talk to you guys about it anyway. As I begin to learn more about sewing and everything (via a home-study course that provides me with a sewing machine, thank's my best option because I can't afford a formal education), I was thinking about starting an internet business that makes gothic/lolita/punk styled clothing. I've been creating designs for a while now and have started saving for the business (no loans, sadly, but it's my own fault), and even though I know there are other sites online that do that sort of thing (and i have nothing but love for all of you), I feel like it's something I could have a lot of fun doing that sort of thing.

I guess what i'm asking is that how could i go about doing that sort of thing. Should i continue with my home study (which is a lot of fun) or take the time to get a formal education? Plus, when I do start creating the fashions, would it just be easier to make it internet based (as in my own site as well as sites like e-bay and all that), or would it be better to try an open a store or something (which is no easy task)?

Thanks for your input.