November 26th, 2002

  • jooliel


Here are my new bows I got at Wal*Mart. o.o LOL. They look like they're for a little girl going to a fueneral? =x Anyways,

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Being skull-kissed is better than sun-ki

Cute bag!

Just thought I'd post a link to a bag on Betsey! It's totally cute, and if you didn't want to pay that much for it, it would probably be really easy to make one! (You could probably just go to a thrift store, get some discount lace from a fabric store, and voila! <3)
Lacey Bag

I totally recommend checking through the rest of the site too or going to a Betsey Johnson store if there's one in your town! I go to the Vancouver one, and there's always at least one of two things that look really loli! :)
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  • nymphie


Does anyone have a picture of Kana in her nurse's costume? I believe it was in the newest Gothic and Lolita Bible (6). I would love to see it. I've only caught glismpses of it but I'm interested to maybe make the costume being as my family have all (but me) been nurses ;).

Sorry for cross- posting as well.