November 25th, 2002



I have a question. Do you know those crowns that a lot of EGL's have been wearing recently?? Does anyone know where to buy one of those?? I want one soo bad! Thanks in advance.

New Doll

*sings* I have a doooolllll~! I have a DOOOOOOOOOLL~!! *jumps for joy, and glomp her* Her name is Elenor, but I think I may change it so Lolli or something.. She goes up just past my knee on me, and has long curly brown hair and big brown/red eyes. Her dress in poiple and green, with a pink lacey/frilly bit on her chest and matching cuffs/hemming on the dress. Her dress and matching hat are adorned with little roses, bows and feathers, and she has petticoats under her dress that stick out at the bottom (they're all lacely and beady). She even has a little pink parasol.

So, yeah. That's my doll. She's the first one I've ever had ^^; In.. 15 years now. Hell, my mom said I was a late developer XD Well, I hope you like the sound of her! (Isn't she kawaii?)

Ja ne minna-san!

Kazzii Hoka :~*X*~:
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