November 9th, 2002




I'm new here and just wanted to make a quick intro :) I wouldn't call myself Gothic Lolita - heck I don't even know what you'd call me. I tend to take inspiration from lots of styles and create outfits that way :) (from punk, goth, vamp, lolita, rock, jrock, geisha etc etc.).

I am an ambsolute admirer of the EGL fashion, and I think it can look so amazing and beautiful. But I think I've come to the conclusion that there's a fine line between looking good in a fashion and 'overdoing' it. I mean, too many frills, too many layers etc.

I was wondering how many of you dress in full egl everyday? I'm just curious because I can imagine it being hard work, and when I see the yummy pictures of the cute japanese girlies I can't imagine them any other way. Like, some days I just walk around with no 'style' as such and wear baggy pants and a t-shirt *lol* do full egls have those days also?

Cherry xx

P.S I love making + customising clothes too!!
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