October 27th, 2002

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Vancouver Tea Party!!

OK so it's official now.
Vancouver Tea Party in Harajuku!! (Yes we do have Harajuku and it'd right in downtown!)

Now that I have your attention, the Harajuku is actually a restaurant that serves great Japanese food. So all the EGL fans are getting together for a day of sushi and shopping in the true spirit of the original! Showing up in costume is HIGHLY recommended!!!
(we'll dress you up ourselves if you show up un clothed)
Cos-play, visual or egl!!!

Date: Saturday November 30th 2002
Time: noon
Location: Waterfront Station in downtown (meet by Starbucks), Vancouver BC, Canada

Meet and greet
CD/Clothing swap
Afternoon tea/sushi (all you can eat!!!)
Karaoke (yes we do have a karaoke place that has shazna, gackt, glay, laruku...etc)
Sticker pictures
Shopping (and exchange your fashion find)
and lastly, a pilgrimage to the Japanese bookstore that sells the latest Japanese music CD (mostly Jpop but you do see Dir sometimes), GLB, mangas, stationary, magazines and did I mention they have video rentals?

Please help to spread the word, thank you ^^

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First of all, I'm new so hello to everyone! ^_^

Today was my first time dressing up for a convention. It was at a local comic convention. I had a super pretty embroidered red lipservice blouse that almost looked like a dress. I wore it with a really short black skirt and a pair of verticle striped thigh-highs and platform loafers. People just stopped and looked at me and it was great!!! I just wanted to share my experience.

So all this great stuff is happening in Vancouver....anyone want to start something on the east side of the continent? I wanna dress up with everyone too! ^_^


im delurking myself to say hello. Im a huge fan of the EGL's, and sometimes dress up in that sense. I've read through the gothic lolita bibles, love them, was too broke to buy them, but thank god for Paradise Kiss. Isabella is a nice EGL (or so I think he's EGL ^^)
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