October 19th, 2002


Hello. I joined this community recently. Sometimes I pretend to be gothic...but most of the time, I make little gothic lolita dresses for my dolls.

Here are some pictures of my dolls in lolita dresses. :)

Pipi la poo

Lidia and Colette.(these are custom painted by me)

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Buon giorno everyone,
ummm... i need a little bit of help ^_^;; does anyone know of any online sites that sell petticoats for really cheap? i need one for my for my halloween costume, which i should've started buying stuff for earlier, but nooo...
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Translations for GLB Patterns?

Hi! Does anyone know if English translations are available for any of the instructions for the Gothic & Lolita Bibles patterns? I finally feel like starting on one of these projects and have figured out most of the material lists. But it just feels a little daunting not completely knowing what the instructions are saying...^^;;
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