October 8th, 2002


Seamstress in the making.

Does anyone here make their own GL clothing? After gawking at the prices of most GL dresses and accesories I decided I'd stroll through the isles of my local fabric shop and get a little girls pattern ( I'm a size 12 kids so I didn't have to adjust the patterns or anything ), then of course add little touches of gothic influence ( aka the fabric is dark red with a black pattern of roses and odd designs ). Then, I made a bow out of the remaining fabric and tied it with lace to put around my hair ( I have synthetic dark auburn hair I wear in a ponytail or pigtails ), and voila! A pair of knee highs and mary janes completed the look, along with a lace trim at the bottom of the dress.

The dress is empress style cut, with poofed up sleeves, cut about to my mid upper thighs.

It was incredibly easy to make and all together I only spent 19.00 dollars on the fabric, pattern, and I already owned the shoes and stockings.

Anyway, just a suggestion for those who can't afford the actual brands. Little girls patterns and sensual fabric leads to a beautiful GL style collection. =D
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