October 7th, 2002

  • ashna

EGL finds in Vancouver

Hey people! I'd just like to say a few things. Alot of people have been asuming lately that the store finds I have are the whole bohemian thing in truth the whole 'bohemian' look chassed the stuff I liked OUT of the stores! So here's a list of finds in the Vancouver area if your ever here for skiing or whatever! Plus it's all in Canadian so for americans it's MUCH cheaper.

At Le Chautau I found a COMPLETE egl style dress. Corset style top, sleavless, zipper in back. Poofy skirt with acrynalin(how DO you spell that?) slip that is slightly longer. little bow on the side of the waist. It came in black, white, baby blue and pink. I got the black version. 50$ Also they had heavy satin egl skirts in black. Could have been VERY poofy if you put some layers under it. Another thing I SHOULD have bought but didn't. 40$ A nice long trench coat that's light and simple that can be worn with long skirts cuz of the split in the back. 60$ GREAT for the EGA look And they have it in white too. I should get the white for my long white skirt! Black satin corset, lace up front with zipper on side, lace along the top. 40$ Lace corset, hook up front.30$ Thigh high black socks. *__* gods I love those things! 12$ My TOP HAT!!!! *______* I couldn't believe they were selling a TOP HAT!!!! erm... 20$

At another store there's a red fur cape with ruffled ends and ties with fur fluff ends. Had it in black and white but those are gone now. I want but I can't aford! >.< 200$ Top that looked like this top at Moi Meme Moitie. but in cotton. Why I didn't get it I DO not know! >.< Only 40$.

At Raw Edge I found a button up shirt with the poof sleaves at the shoulder then elastic at the wrists with a bit of ruffle at the ends. 20$ Another shirt is a light airy material but has elastic just above the elbow and below and lets the sleaves go past your hands! Baby doll waist line with a LONG ribbin you can tie around as you like. Uneven dress like ends. It's square but falls in points. Very H.Naoto in style. It sold out though and I CAN NOT find it again! 40$

Oh several styles of black pants. No seam on the side either laced up, buttoned, pinned or put together with lace. NOT jeans! All at about 30$ each.

Even exsessories are easy to find. I have the little coffin box on page 86 of G&L bible vol 3. Found it last spring. 20$ The Pleasers brand of shoes shown on pg 106 of vol 4 I've seen at a local store. EXPENSIVE though. About 60$ each or more. Mary Jane style of shoes abound. Though I bought the Demonia platform patent leather ones. They don't hurt my feet! Heehee. Oh calf high lace up boots with double buckle at the top. 30$

Anyways... yeah! Some really nice things here. Not so much anymore. Stupid browns ruinning everything... and everythings going back to straight lines. *sigh* Wish I'd been able to buy that blue velvet top with the lace trim last fall. Oh well. Wish I had 200$ to spend on that cape!