October 3rd, 2002

  • misonou

as a Yazawa-fanatic...

it seems to me that there are many people here who know about Ai Yazawa (maybe a year ago, when i was going crazy over her, nobody even knew about her; it's wonderful), so i would like to ask something. in her previous manga, Gokinjo Monogatari (to which ParaKiss is a sequel), Mikako is said to be a "punk lolita".
example, example, example. it's something relatively different from both little maid (not as lacy and infantile) and gothic (way more colorful). the question is, why is it never mentioned? does it exist as a real fashion movement in japan at all?

whenever someone talsk about lolitism, whenever you see pictures, it's always either alice-in-wonderland sort of lacy, flowery, pastel lolita, or black-lipstick, coffin, bat-wing lolita. i never seem to find anything even remotely similar to Mikako. but since i am not directly involved with the scene, i thought you others mights know more.