September 28th, 2002

  • accela

hi there~!!

i've been in this community for the longest time, yet i just realized that i've never posted~!!

let's see, my name's ash and i adore fashion, especially fashion i make myself :3 though i do have a special place in my heart for elegant gothic lolita clothing: i do adore frilliness.

my favorite brand is called purple-dioxide (that's the best way i've translated, it could also be PAPU-DAA-OKUSAAD, but the label is purple, and one catalog i have has a carbon dioxide molecule on it, so i'm just presuming this is what the brand is called), i love their clothes!! i heard them on one of my trips to japan, and picked up a catalog and a pink skirt. however, i began ordering even more once i got home!! their clothes are so cheap (er, in comparison with a lot of other brands that sell gothic lolita fashion) that i don't mind the air-mail charges. i haven't found their website, they might not have one o_O, but the (about) $5 charge for their catalog every year is worth it!! betty's blue is also very very cute~

hmm, there are some articles on egl in the north america part of the world; it's a fashion becoming a little more well known... my friends and i have a pastime of going to school in egl clothing at the same time, it's very fun. yet what's more fun is being recognized by people, whether it be at a mall or at school.

toronto star has an egl article...
baltimore city paper has some stuff about jrock, egl, and such...

that's all i have right now, i'll post some pictures of us in our homemade egl gowns; i'd rather show those then our storebought clothing; that's not as much fun~ ^^
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