September 15th, 2002


Hello everyone!! I'm glad to see that the EGL community is going strong!!! I'm sorry I haven't posted in such a very very long time, but I have something to make up for it :) If you read my LJ you might know that I went to Tokyo this past spring for a week....unfortunately I found nothing EGL within my budget that fit me *cries* and I'm a size 3 damnit! everything was incredibly skinnnnny i found this one skirt that was actually halfway decent fitting, but then my butt like puffed it out in the back LOL and not in a good way. So anyway, I have some pictures scanned from Harajuku on my site in the snapshots section, so check them out...meanwhile here's a little taste...this is one of my favorites, I thought this girl was adorable!! I love her skirt and little hat!! She's even got a Betty's Blue bag in her hand. Enjoy!