September 13th, 2002

feeling dark or creative

ME !!!!!! to share :)

This is me working in my intership. Yea i work in a fashion company and i'm a pattrenmaker ^_^

These are my friends and I. Were in the intership program. We just came out of work and we trying to walk the same steps but i mess it up on purpose >:P yea mean me ! oh look @ my sexy legs and my favorite boots

yea i know there nothing lolly about it but i just want to show off my image :)
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LD Fashions

Hi! I am new to this community, but I have been interested in gothic lolita fashion for a couple of months now. I recieved the 5 volumes of Gothic and Lolita bible and am in the process of making some of the outfits!! ^_^

Also I was wondering if anybody has ever visted

They have all sorts of different costumes, mainly for crossdressers and "adult little girls" I really like some of the girly looking oufits, although they arent really gothic lolita.