September 12th, 2002

Newbie...and that's not my real name either ^_^

Hi. I just joined this community, though I've known about this topic for about two weeks now. I love the fashion, when I saw pictures of it I was hooked instantly. I just ordered the gothic lolita volume no. 5 and I was thinking about getting the other four as well (they seem so interesting). Even though it's hard to get authentic merchandise period, the fact that I'm plus-sized makes it a little harder. However, I intend to change all that, since I'm getting my sewing skills together and I'm a fashion design major.

And on a question-type footnote, I was looking for manga that might help to inspire me when it comes to future lolita fashions that I hope to create during the course of my program. I heard that Paradise Kiss by Ai Yazawa was a good one, and maybe even a manga named Alichino. Along with the Lolita bibles, is there anything else I can use for inspiration with sketching? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you!
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