September 11th, 2002

  • hanako

Newbie & help ^^

Hi hi~ I just joined this community, though I've been reading for a short while ^^ So hum.. Hi! :D I love Gothic Lolita fashion, or justtrends from Japan in general ^^ Depends on my mood I guess. But I find EGL really interesting and like to draw clothes in that style~

So hum... yeah... The main reason why I'm posting right now is because I need help ^^; In the Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 3, there is this tie pattern that I want to use... One problem though, this will will be my first time seriously sewing so I wondered if anyone could help me out with it ^^; Like... Maybe translating what they say about it? ^.^;;; Any help is appreciated! XD Thank you so much!
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  • syrk


I'm new here! I'm a new lover of Gothic & Lolita Bible.. mm I love it. T-T;; Yay!

Hmm. I have a question. I know Mihara Mitsukazu does the mangas for G&L... argh the art really has such a wonderful gothic theme. T_T.. anyhow, in volume 3 of G&L... does anyone know the name of that comic? Would be a great help. XD; Thanks!
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