September 5th, 2002

jesus and I love you.


I only have one of the bibles (so far!) issue #4 and i was wondering if anyone tried making the paterns in the back of the book? I made the head band thingy and i really like it! its so cute! um im also, heres a picture of me!
stars shine bright
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Color of Pomegranates

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I'm brand new, and since you guys seem to love the look as much as I do, I decided why not, ne?
I just recently ordered a EGL outfit from Baby the Stars Shine Bright through a japanese shopping service.
Prices aren't so bad you guys!
About as much as you would spend on a nice vynil dress from Lip Service{and I purchased 3 items}
One thing that made me pout a little was the sizing[which in their case it makes sense, but damnit, I want more US girls to own this stuff!]
When I asked about sizing I was told that the company {Baby the Stars Shine Bright} only made the clothing for a specific size which was:
Pooh...and their biggest shoe size goes up to a 7.5, and I'm an 8.5, otherwise I would've bought a pair of shoes also.
I really can't wait for Metamorphose to get ready for overseas shipping, and hopefully they will have a lot more size varieties!!
Anyways, it's good to be here, and I will surely post pics of when I get my outfit!
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