September 3rd, 2002

  • ashna

Question for you all

Hello EGL people!
I was just wondering, I try my hand at designing alot and think I'm fairly good at it.
I've got a book filled with EGL EGA etc etc designs. I take all my inspiration from japanese egl not american cuz frankly I think it all sucks. Also it's all horribly expensive.
So, would you buy clothes from an english egl store on-line? Would you buy patterns? (which would be uber cheap. Wow paper. So expensive ^^)
I'm just curious because I wouldn't want to start making my designs into reality unless people would want them. I would have to drag three of my friends in as well, one for web page design and two for sewing because my skills are lacking.
That's all. Please give me an answer. If I get enough *hell yeahs* I could probably have things up and running by christmas...
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