August 29th, 2002

  • ashna

Oh wow

Okay I did not know anything about a EGL store having an english page! My goodness this would be very bad for my pocket book.
For my contribution I have a few places I buy my clothes for cheap(ish) that combined with other things have given be several EGL outfits. I'm in Canada though so I don't know if they're near you.
Le Chateau often as elegent clothes in black, lots of ruffles and long skirts and pants with wide legs for the EGA's out there. I've found white shirts with black ruffles, top hats, long light trench coats(jackets?) with a one button fassen thingy (my vocab is so very large is it not?) and a nice collar, corsrts with lace etc etc etc Love that store. They even have a poofy black satin skirt I need to buy before it sells out... *makes note for tomorrows plans* Their summer line is dreadful and FILLED with the urban hippie type stuff right now.
Also this store Rarely has anything but I did find a shirt with puffed up sleaves and a button down front, bunched at the wrist and a typical color in black or white. New item and only 20$ canandian... so like... 12 dollars American? About there. Anyways store is called Raw Edge. Their sizes are a bit on the small side. I can barely fit my bossom (I like that word) into the shirt... padded bras a definetly no no.
Anyways it's not authentic but I have a fairly large wardrobe now so.. Yeah! ^___^
If you want go take a look that these stores. They might have web pages but I never bother to look.
Matta ne
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