August 28th, 2002


Just wanted to introduce myself, since I've been lurking around for some time. I have been fascinated with the EGL look for some time now and last month my friend got me the (complete at that time.. bah) set of the Gothic & Lolita Bibles. I luff them! I also have the 5th one on the way. I noticed some people were asking about patterns, and though my scanner isn't working at the moment, I wouldn't mind xeroxing mine and mailing them out if you don't mind covering the costs ^_^. Also, I've been working on translating and recreating the smaller patterns from the books and would love to help spread the Lolita love to as many people as I can!

Right now I'm working on the Baby The Stars Shine Bright dress Kana models in the... aw crud, I forget which Bible it is. But it's the pink dress with fuzzy heart. Once I get the lace to finsih it, I'll make sure to take some pics for everyone to see!

Also, does anyone know if any of the other EGL stores plan on opening up English sites? I can't wait for Metamorpheses to do theirs! *Squeels*