August 27th, 2002


i just got this email from ms. tanaka...i think she runs metamorphose...i think...but man! i never thought id get a reply!
maybe, if we email them more, telling them how glad we are for this movement, theyll do it quickly, and maybe other brands would catch on? you never know...but hey, the more emails she gets from us, the more she'll notice us. and if metamorphose starts doing well here, then other EGL brands might consider it too....okay, i just totally went off! sorry! read on!

Hello. This is Ms. Tanaka of Metamorphose. Thank you for your e-mail.
were so happy to receive it. We have been working on our english
very hard for these days so hopefully we can update it ASAP and you can
order our items from the U.S.:)
Please keep your eyes on our site and please feel free to tell us your
comments! Thank you so much.
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hehe i love this community! i've always adored gothic lolita fact i'm making a dress for my friend inspired by's a pic of me...nice to meet all of ya *smiles*