August 1st, 2002

  • mswoo

On the ebay rant... members introduced the code term "agf" for their eBay postings a few years ago, because they had the same problem with people calling all kinds of junk "gothic". By including the code in your search terms, you know that your findings are usually just from people who know & understand gothic fashion. It really helps to cut down on the number of peach velvet tops and old prom dresses that turn up when your searching for gothic clothes!

Maybe we could encourage the use of a similar code ( "egl" seems to make sense ) to denote Elegant Lolita and Gothic Lolita clothes auctions. There are waaaay too many people using the terms "gothic lolita" for stuff that's not really related, maybe a codeword could help!

Oh, and hello *waves*

EDITED TO ADD: or maybe not "egl" - it's a term used for diamond buyers, apparently, and turns up hundreds of auctions. Hrm... any other suggestions?