July 27th, 2002

Bug Nutty
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How much do you think I could get for one of my kidneys?

So, my current obsession is Japanese ball-joint dolls... check out the Gothic & Lolita Super Dollfies on the Volks site!


I want this one: http://www.volks.co.jp/c_goods/superdollfie/c_gosic/gos04_01.html

I'm assuming the "98,000" is her price... that's only, what? Not quite $800 US? Slightly more than half of what I paid for my current car? ;}

And then there's the Angelic Pretty site:


Argh! The dresses! The parasols! The shoooooeeeeesssss!!!

And, of course, they've got dolls, too. How much fun would it be to score one of these dolls & make an real-person outfit to match?


I hate the Japanese. They have no right making so many cool things that I neeeeeed! ;P
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lady gaga

Just an eBay gripe

I'm really tired of searching through stuff on eBay that's labled gothic lolita, but is far far from it. What really peeves me is when people label things L@@K! Gothic Lolita Cyber! I'm sorry, but the two are NOT the same thing. I'm sure you can combine them (Personally, I've yet to see it done well, if you have drop me a link!). Another thing, as far as I know, neither Hot Topic nor Torrid has made any gothic lolita stuff. Oh! It's pink and has black lace and is from Hot Topic! It's obviously gothic lolita! Fuckers.