May 16th, 2002


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Guess what arrived yesterday? Oh yeah! Gothic and Lolita Bible 4!! The first three are somewhere in Japan, being collected to be sent to me (ordered through fujisan). I can't wait!! I'm going to kinko's in the near future to copy the pattern sheets. Because I'm larger than your average Japanese woman (6'1" and a US size 10-12) and my other friend is average Japanese size, but wrong proportions, we're going to be "fixing" them. Plus, I'd like to start making them to sell online to people's size requirements. Anyone else made stuff from the patterns? I'm looking for tips (and if possible, translations of the instructions, so I don't have to get hound one of my friends to do it for me!)
Another great thing in volume 4 is the recipes. There's a recipe for chocolates shaped like underbust corsets with bare breasts. Strange, but in a cute way!