January 8th, 2002

need some help

Does anyone who haved read the 20 gothic lolita bible and looked page 037 witch is the atelier boz catalogo. Have oficial photos of the girl model dress?
I will try to found a scan of this page to help
sorry for the bad english
I want to send this pictures for my tailor who will make a replica for me ^^"
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Inspired by the posting of all the to die for pics here

If anyone is interested I just want to offer my services in custom dressmaking, as those beautiful dresses from Japan are not readily available here. I spent years studying and going to school for pattern drafting and custom sizing so I can closely reproduce almost anything and not charge and arm and a leg for it to ;) I know that's the only way I have been able to acquire some of the fabulous lolita fashions I have seen in the books. While I would never copy a design that was not mine and sell it to the public in mass on my website I will do a copy for one client's personal use. Just an offer if anyone wants to take me up on it.


h. naoto clothing?

i was wondering if anyone had pics of h. naoto clothing? i absolutely love pretty much all of their stuff, but the website is pretty anoying and the pictures arent really clear on any outfit :S im not looking for any specific outfit or line or anything. i just want some more idea's of what their clothing is like and all because the website didnt feature that much outfits either imo.
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