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Chichiri's Wardrobe 2016

Hi EGL! My name Chichiri, I live in Moscow, Russia, and I've been in lolita fashion for almost 2 years. Last year I tried to make a wardrobe post, but I did not like the pictures and ended up not posting anything. So this will be my first wardrobe post and my first post on egl as well. I prefer classic lolita, muted colors and floral prints. I am a huge fan of Innocent world. I usually wear lolita on weekends, but fashion creeps into my office wardrobe too. I was very excited to make a catalogue of my clothes because it's getting difficult to keep everything in mind.

On to the wardrobe!

OPs, JSKs, skirts

Handmade Innocent world
Innocent world
Rosa Pleated JSK
(pictured with Bodyline l325 skirt)
Innocent world
Printed Rose Gobelin Halterneck JSK
Eternal Pendulum
Innocent world
Union Jack
Handmade Handmade
I did a lot of alternation to this dress in order it fit me properly This was the first brand item I bought new for the full price from the website.    
Handmade Handmade Innocent world
Charles crown
British Shorthair cat
Wrinkles like hell. I made this before I started wearing lolita, but it fits the style The bodice is very tight, far more tight than average IW isk, but I still love this dress This came with two chains that are ment to be attached to the waist, but I never did. Also, it has a pocket in the same seam with the zip.
Innocent world
Andrea JSK
Innocent world
Bertille Rose JSK
Innocent world
Revival Sweet Teddybear JSK
Innocent world
Rococo Rose Border JSK
I bought, like, 4 tops to coordinate with this dress, but I don't like it with anything.   I love this print so much that I own it in two colours and cuts   Another super tight bodice. The shirring is fully stretched when worn
Innocent world
Bisque Doll JSK
Innocent world
Roman Mosaic Tuck JSK
Handmade Alice and the Pirates
Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box Mary JSK
Handmade Handmade Innocent world
Flap Pocket Braid JSK
This is my first lolita dress. I wore it so often when I had nothing else, that I gave it up for 1.5 years since then When I made this, I had no idea why waist ties are made detachable I love this dress, it is perfect for office. I'd like to have it in other colours My favourite handmade item
Innocent world
Crest Gobelin Lace JSK
Innocent world
Gretia JSK
Sweet Loreley
Lyric Poetry jsk
Heather & Iris
Russian blue
The first dress I bought from reservation Another dress I wear to work   Thid dress comes with a twin bow brooch, but I did not bother to find and attach it back.
Innocent world
Bertille Rose Dress JSK
Innocent world
Cesky Krumlov Just Waist JSK
Innocent world
Berangere Rose JSK
Innocent world
Rose Fob Watch High Waist JSK
I love this print so much that I own it in two colours and cuts      
Innocent world
Marine Rose JSK
Innocent world
Gislaine JSK
l325 skirt
Innocent world
Rococo Rose Skirt
This is the first brand dress I acquired, came in a lucky-pack. It's perfect for the hot season      
Innocent world
Baked Sweets Skirt

Blouses, Boleros, Cardigans

Innocent world Handmade Dear Celine Taobao
Innocent world Innocent world Innocent world Dear Celine
Dear Celine Dear Celine Innocent world Handmade
Offbrand (bought on Taobao) Offbrand (bought on Taobao) Axes femme Handmade
Innocent world Axes femme Innocent world Milk
Innocent world Innocent world Innocent world Innocent world
Innocent world Axes femme Innocent world Axes femme
Offbrand (bought on Taobao) Innocent world Oggi  

Jackets, Coats

Baby the stars shine bright Innocent world
Dot jacket
Fan+Friend Axes Femme
Fan+Friend Alice and the Pirates
Bambi Fur Collar Short Coat
Offbrand (bought on aliexpress)  


Top row, left to right:
Offbrand, Signare Tapestry, Artmi
Second row:
Innocent World, Pink-up, Loris, Loris
Bottom row:
Beibaobao, BagBerry, HowRU


Shoes, Boots

Left to right:
Innocent world, Tamaris, InStreet, Bodyline, Bodyline, InStreet, Bodyline, Bodyline


Left to right:
Axes Femme, Oak tree farms, T.Taccardi, Funtasma, Bodyline, Bodyline, T.Taccardi



Top row, left to right:
Innocent World x7, Bodyline x2, ankle socks are from ebay
Bottom row:
Innocent World x4, Calzedonia, Taobao x3, Pink-Up


My favourite outfits of 2015:

That's all for now. See you next year!
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