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Wardrobe Post 2016

Hello this is my first official wardrobe post. I've wanted to do one for a while, but my wardrobe is always changing and while I'm 100% satisfied with my current wardrobe I am proud of it. Now for my disclaimer: I'm currently reorganizing my wardrobe so I only included things that aren't boxed up. I didn't want to wait for another year before doing a wardrobe post.

Crystal Dream Carnival regular JSK - navy

Day Dream Carnival OP - lavender

Drink Me JSK - lavender

Victorian Letter Long JSK - green

Little Bear's Cafe OP - ivory

Mercator Antique Shop Bustier Style JSK - wine

Castle Mirage JSK - lavender

Luminous Sanctuary JSK - sax

Celestial JSK - lavender

Dolly Cat Low Waist JSK - lavender

Wonder Gallery JSK - wine

Milky Cross OP - lavender

Fairy Season Disney Princess JSK - pink/sax/lavender

Horror Garder JSK - wine

Cotton Candy Shop JSK - lavender

Fairy Marine OP - lavender

Gloria Back Frill JSK - pink

Radiant Candlelight Halter Neck JSK - black

Melody Toys Salopette - sax

Wrapping Heart Skirt - mint

Sailor Short Sleeve OP (2013) ivory/brown

Metamorphose temps de fille x Hakuoki JSK - black

Diavolo Coat and Blouse - black

Meta Fantasy Wizard Mantle - black and Angelic Pretty Horror Garden Pochette - black (glitter)

Angelic Pretty Dramatic Girl Coat - brown (glitter)

Angelic Pretty - A/P (chest bag)

Usakumya Pochette - white and Sendai Limited Edition Masamune Kumya pochette black/violet

Angelic Pretty Milky Pony Bag and Dreamy Unicorn Bag (both retired to my closet).

Angelic pretty Fox Muffler - beige and pink

Angelic Pretty Little Bear's Cafe Muffler - white/pink and Poppo Bear Pochette - pink

Angelic Pretty - Meta (top beret) BTSSB (bottom black bow)

Angelic Pretty - SM:Crystal (earrings far left) Swimmer (watch)

Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty - BTSSB (top right) Yurie Sekiya

Angelic Pretty and BTSSB (I promise I have more shoes!)
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