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Bias' Wardrobe Post *2016*

[(First wardrobe post!)]

Lolita Wardrobe *2016*

My first post on lj is also my first Lolita Wardrobe post! I
started wearing lolita fashion three years ago, after I fall in love
with a Mary Magdalene masterpic on Tumblr. My first dress was a MM
knockoff from Milanoo >_> and then, on December 2012, I
bought my first real one from Krad Lanrete.

I've never recorded the changes in my wardrobe until now,
but I think that now it's the time!

I'm definitely a classic lover, so you'll find lots of
browns, greens, ivories and dusty pinks in my wardrobe.
I have a soft spot for purple since I was a teen.

Ps.: you can open the pictures in a new tab for better resolution!

and OPs

Mary Magdalene, Flower Basket. A long time dreamdress

Mary Magdalene, Arabella Rose. My first Mary Magdalene purchase!

May Magdalene, Rote Rose

Mar Magdalene, Deborah Doll

Innocent World, Cream Puff

Innocent World, Crest Gobelin

Innocent World, Printed Rose Gobelin

Innocent World, Appartement. I think this is my most worn
out dress, it's so comfy and versatile!

Innocent World, Rose Bouquet Stripe (with matching

Innocent World, Marine Rose

Innocent World, "embroidery wool". My first burando item!

Victorian Maiden, Lace-up Doll. Another long time dreamdress

Victorian Maiden, "bustle gobelin"

Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Rose Print Gobelin Print

Krad Lanrete, Mozarabic Chant (with matching headdress). My
first lolita dress!

Infanta, Chiffon Rose Cathedral. I won this OP thanks to a
fb giveaway :P

Bodyline, L411. Another long time dreamdress, I didn't
bought it because I wasn't sure of how it fitted. This summer I saw a
wonderful coord with this OP in sax and it convinced me buying it! For
me gingham+flowers+green is the winning match.

The Dream of Lolita, library dream

The Dream of Lolita, a sort of IW knockoff.

Oviesse, Baby Angel - an Italian brand which made some
lolita items in the past few years.


Juliette et Justine, Copperius Bureau

Innocent World, Beatrice. Since we share the same name, I
couldn't help myself but buy it!

Innocent World, Theresia Rose

Emily Temple Cute, Playing Cards

Lady Sloth, Autumn Flowers

Bodyline, L353

Rabbit Heart, Seamstress

Souffle's Song, Season Time Godness (with matching

RayMo, "black skirt"

Selfmade skirt. My first sewing experiments were all lolita
garments (three skirts, an underbust jsk and an op), they were fitting
but not that greatly refined. I sewed this skirt last Spring and I'm
really happy with it!

As soon as the tons of commissions I have will give me
enough free time I want to sew other lolita dresses.


Innocent World

Innocent World

Offbrand (taobao?)


Alice and the Pirates, and Romeo

Innocent World

Innocent World

Cardigans and Boleros

I'm a big cardigan&bolero fan, since I don't like to
wear blouses under my OPs. That's why I'm including also some of my
offbrand C&B that I use to wear in my everyday lolita coords!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Bodyline, L072

Oviesse, Baby Angel



Emily Temple Cute


Innocent World

Liz Lisa


Innocent World, Rose Bouquet Embroidery

Baby the Stars Shine Bright


3xBodyline, Liz Lisa white sandals

My beloved high heeled oxford shoes - the velvet made some strange dark spots on the pictures. 3xPittarello, pink ones are Deichmann

3xPittarello, last pair was a lucky find in a London shop


3xvintage, Medusa Couture, Love Moschino, Sforza, Carpisa,
Accessorize, 3xStellaZ.

Tights and OTKs

OTKs are Secret Shop and 2xInnocent World; tights are
Grimoire Un ange, Lockshop Marie Catoinette, Haenuli Royal Jewel,
Triple Fortune, 6xCalzedonia, 3xAliexpress.

Random accessorises

Fur collars - 5xvintage, light brown is
Bijoux&Brigitte, pink is H&M, white set is 8th Sin Creations

Hats - top two ones on the right were selfmade for TPC's

Big headdresses - lace one is Krad Lanrete, top two ones on
the left are selfmade, the three horns sets, the white hat and the
tricorn are handmade by Cosa ti sei messo in testa?

Flowers and bows - blue flowers are Souffle's Song,
headdresses are Innocent World, mixed bows are Innocent World, Mary
Magdalene, Infanta.

I've always been a big jewelry hoarder - I fear I own 50+
rings, 50+ bracelets, 100+ earrings and 100+ necklaces.

Brooches are a new addiction for me though, it started last
year and I hope my collection will grow for the next wardrobe post.

Printed cotton fabric that I plan to use for my future
handmade lolita projects.

They come from Italy, USA and Japan, while the gingham
patchwork fabric is a traditional Hungarian one.

My aims for next year post is to be able to sew more lolita
pieces, to purchase more blouses in various colours, and to obtain
these three dreamdresses:

The secret of Kells underbust jsk in green

Lace-up Puff Sleeve OP by Victorian Maiden in cameo rose

Twelve Constellations JSK by Krad Lanrete

I want to say goodbye to this post with a small template of my favourite coords from 2015 - or, at least, the ones I took decent pictures of - one for every month.

Thank you for reading, see you next

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