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Queran's wardrobe post 2016

Welcome to my wardrobe post!

After I did a complete wardrobe post last year, which was a ton of work and did not look that good in the end, I decided to focus on main pieces and pretty pictures this year. To each dress or skirt I added a picture of my favourite detail, whether it was the print, some lace detail or a pretty neckline.
You can klick to open the pictures in a new tab for bigger photos.

Taking pictures of every single piece and deciding how to present them takes pretty long and can be exhausting, but I also learn something about me and my style whenever I do that. This year's insights: I really like Meta and IW. Like, REALLY. Also, I thought I had a lot of solid black pieces, but in the end I don't have nearly enough.

Dresses, sorted by color scheme
From left to right: IW, Miho Matsuda, ETC, BPN, Meta

Top to bottom, left to right: Ank Rouge, Meta, Meta, Meta, BPN, IW, IW, IW

From left to right: Long Ears Sharp Ears, Bodyline, Meta, Meta

no title
From left to right: ETC, IW, offbrand, AatP, Meta

no title
 From left to right: Chess Story, Putumayo, IW, IW

no title
From left to right: offbrand, AatP, ETC, IW, IW, Surface Spell

schwarz-bunt.jpg From left to right: Meta, Souffle Song, Lady Sloth, IW, IW, IW

From left to right: IW, To Alice, handmade by a friend

Skirts, sorted by color scheme
no title
From left to right: Li-Paro, Meta, BPN, Oh Lala Couture, Angelic Pretty

no title
From left to right: To Alice, Baby, Lady Sloth, To Alice

röcke rot-rosa.jpg
From left to right: Lady Sloth, Mighty Kingdom, Meta, Meta, Meta, Angelic Pretty

I won't show you a picture of my how I store my clothes, since that's pretty boring, but I wanted to include a picture of my "lolita wall". I put up lolita photos, posters and postcards and included part of my jewelry into the decoration. It also helps to keep the necklaces untangled! All the little photos, stickers and flowers remind me of a wonderful lolita experience.
To pick just a few: the calendar was made by my local comm und the december is a dear friend of mine. The dried rose is from a bouquet that I got from 2 lovely lolita friends. The red OP sticker was a in a goodie pack of a tea party in Paris. The postcard on the left was in the goodie packs of the last event I organised with my comm and was also made especially for us by a great italian lolita artist.

And to finish this off, this are the dresses I am waiting for atm:

IW Alencon, one of my dream dresses! <3


Putumayo, I expect it to be a great casual dress for daily wear.

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